Bol, Croatia

My Social Media Addiction: What I Learnt By Losing My Phone At Sea.

Yep. You did read the title of this post right – I dropped my iPhone in the sea and I didn’t get it back. So I decided to tell you all about my social media addiction. The story really needs to be explained…

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Croatia: Through The Lens.

After spending six weeks exploring Croatia while playing photographer on the boats, I managed to get quite the collection of pictures that I wanted to share. But rather than speaking about them, I’ll let the pictures do the talking..  

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Starigrad, Croatia

Petite Styling in Starigrad, Croatia.

       Hello there, its been a while hasn’t it? After gallivanting around Croatia playing photographer on the boats, I’m finally back in the UK for a little while. I don’t know how long I’ll be here or where the next…

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Malaga, Spain

A Week In Malaga | Outfits.

I know, I know. Malaga was quite a while back now BUT I still wanted to share the lookbook with you guys. Its over on my YouTube channel now, but here are the outfits with links.. just incase! JavaScript is…

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