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textured coat // monki (here)+
black cami // new look (here)
tartan trousers // ax paris (here)+
mini bowler bag // pauls boutique via (here)+
elephant 2 boots // new look (here)

These pictures were taken after the Motel Rocks event last week. I'm quite surprised we found somewhere lit enough actually because it was about 11pm by the time they were snapped. I'll be posting about the event over this week so keep your eyes peeled for it!

I'm pretty sure that the main thing you've noticed about this outfit is the trousers which were kindly sent to me by AX Paris. They are high waisted but don't come too high so they can be worn more low rise as well which I like because it means I can wear them with a crop or a longer tee depending on what I'm feeling. Surprisingly as well, the fabric is fairly thick so they keep me quite warm which I didn't expect at al - most trousers that are printed in this style are thinner and not too cosy! 

For the rest of my outfit, I went quite black and only added a touch of blue with the Pauls Boutique bowler. Its an outfit which I wear on a regular basis at the moment  


I know today and this week has been a little sporadic with blogging, my deadline is fast approaching so I've been rushing to get my work all finished which it almost is. I'm quite proud of the fact that I've not got much left to do and still 10 days to go. 

Anyway, I wanted to make this post to let you know about the Q&A that is going to be filmed and uploaded over this weekend. I'm hoping for questions on absolutely anything; personal, life, fashion, beauty, uni, you name it! 

If you have got any questions, leave them in the comments or on twitter using the hashtag #AskCopper and I'll answer all of them across as many videos as it takes! :)