pro long wear foundation // mac (here)

Check me out, blogging about beauty all of the time! I'm beginning to enjoy writing out reviews and speaking about new products, there is something so addictive about buying beauty products! This foundation was a naughty little purchase of mine back in June whilst in duty free. I'd gone to the MAC counter in search of a coral lipstick and ended up with that as well as this - a foundation which I'd seen spoken about within the beauty community quite a lot.

Upon buying this, I was actually really impressed with the pump and how it 'locks' so the product doesn't go everywhere - much better than having a lid which can get lost. When I got around to using it for the first time, my thoughts on its application were varied. I found that it gave a good colour and coverage, but being used to a much heavier foundation, two layers were applied. The liquid is quite creamy and lightweight, giving more of a light/medium coverage.

The shade I chose was NW25, which seems to match my skin perfectly whether I have tanned or not (mixed with a slight darker tone for 'freshly tanned' days). I also thought it was a great shade for going on holiday due to its light coverage and SPF10 - meaning it would keep my skin protected and slightly tinted for the summer evenings. 

Overall, I'd say this foundation is worth a try. I do really like its consistency and coverage but the fact that its so quick to disappear is a downfall in my opinion - especially considering the price. Although saying that, its probably going to be purchased again in the near future! I did actually talk about this product with my friend Tash from Its Simply Beauty in a video collab we did together [here] - deciding on factors we both liked and disliked. Its worth a watch because we go into detail haha!


Following on from my post featuring Tilly Jayne the other day, I am bringing you the next of my favourite bloggers - Natasha, a 22 year old graphic designer from up north! She is a dog lover and even has her own jewellery brand which you definitely need to check out (linked in her blog).

Natasha's blog, A Design Rookie is fairly high on my favourites list. After meeting her at an event over the summer - I fell instantly in love with her style and personality, she's probably one of the friendliest bloggers that I've met! The style of her outfit posts makes her images worthy of a magazine as they have quite an editorial feel. She edits them to perfection and each time there is a new post, I'm so quick to click and read.

If you don't follow Natasha already, her links are all through this post. Please go and check her out but don't forget to say that I sent you!