I'm really struggling with writing today so bear with me. 
For some reason, I can't seem to make sentences work.

Over the past few years, Copper Garden has become far more than just a website to me. What once used to be a small part of my life which I rarely paid attention to, has grown into something that I consider to be almost equal to my degree in the amount of time I spend on it. Blogging and YouTube have brought me some amazing opportunities, friendships and confidence that I never thought I would have and I am eternally grateful for the support of anyone who appreciates my little space. Its strange to think that writing on the internet and uploading pictures/videos of myself could boost my personality as much as it has, too. Copper Garden is almost like my alter ego at times - no matter how down I feel, its always there shining away and offering a sense of comfort.

If anyone asks me about my future goals in all of this, followers and the likes rarely crossed my mind. The only thing that is ever consider is the photographic quality and range of content improving, never numbers or dwelling on comparisons. Copper Garden is a hobby which is just something I do on the side of a degree, nothing I ever dreamed could be more than that. Its like an online journal, release and space to connect with hundreds of other people that share my interests.

Last week I had a terrifying opportunity thrown at me - one which I never expected in a million years. YouTube management. The concept scares me before we've even discussed the possibilities that could come from this! As I keep saying, Copper is a tiny part of a huge community, most of whom are far more established than myself. What do they see in my baby that nobody else has!? Its still not sinking in that I'm actually signed to someone. Copper Garden has a manager. Like, what even. I can't get my head around it. As a disclaimer, nothing will be changing. I'm still the same girl with the same blog and channel. Everything might improve slightly but its still me in front (or behind) the camera. Every opinion and view will still be my own and I'm not going to be doing anything that isn't me. I've basically just gained a stepping stone in the middle of me and brands - a helping hand shall we say. 

I've never been so overwhelmed, petrified and excited with the thought of my little Copper going somewhere but I'm interested for what the future has to offer. Who knows where I will be this time next year, I just hope its all uphill from here. Thank you to anyone who has followed my blog and/or youtube - be it from the beginning or recently, you'll never understand how much it means to me. By no means am I any more of a blogger/vlogger now but I thought I owed you all an explanation as well as just to share this exciting news.

Apologies that this post is a little hard to follow, I've been trying to write it all day and just can't find the words.

Now to order some Dominoes and chill out!



lipstick: suspended, topshop
watch // daniel wellington (here)
longline coat // marks and spencer, charity shop
v neck sweatshirt // zara (here - on sale!)
white jeans // h+m (here)
black chunky heels // truffle via eBay (similar here)

Can I get a hallelujah for the fact that this is the first item (minus a clutch) that I have ever brought from Zara!? Yes, you read it right, I'm a fashion blogger who has never shopped in Zara. This is mainly down to the fact that I have always thought it to be plain and expensive, but I've come to realise that the sale s are amazing and plain is totally my style. This jumper is only £9.99 reduced from £25.99 and fits like an absolute dream. Due to my lack of chest, the 'v neck' comes fairly low, which is flattering without showing off a ton of cleavage! Its basically an oversized (of course) soft sweatshirt. 

These pictures were taken outside Kings Cross station the other day by my friend Hayley (yep, we're currently joined at the hip) and I love them. Its the first 'blog worthy' pictures that I've had in a while so its totally allowed that there is 9 images instead of my usual 2-5. 

Oh, my beautiful Daniel Wellington watch is discounted by 15% on the website if you use 'HOLIDAYCOPPER' as your code! 

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