earrings // soundchick accessories (here)+

Whilst at Bloggers Love Fashion Week, I was gifted by the lovely ladies at Sound Chick Accessories. They had the most gorgeous display of feathered accessories and upon me expressing how cute this pair of earrings were, they were in a gift bag given to me. 

Soundchick specialise in feathered accessories which could be anything from a bow tie to earrings or a ring. The feathers are all natural and unique although some are dyed for pattern like this pair. The brains behind the brand came up with the idea due to loosing an accessory and trying to recreate it, where she developed her love for feathered accessories and SoundChick was born. 

I used to have such a love for feathered earrings but I kind of forgot that I'd got all of them until this pair. I love wearing just one on the ear which is opposite to my fringe as it stands out and gives a more unique edge to an outfit. These are so lightweight and comfortable that they have been worn on multiple occasions - however they are slightly delicate!

Thank you so much for these, sound chick! 


lipstick // saint germain, mac
silk shirt // vintage (similar here - on sale!)
eyelash lace bralet // celeb look (here)+
mom shorts // new look (here - on sale!)
flossys (here)+

Another from the archive, just using them all up before I turn to being completely 'new style'. I'm not too sure how its going to go down though because I don't get the option to take those kind of pictures as regularly or as many at once - but we will see. I might have to start incorporating other content in rather than just hundreds of outfit posts, but I'll just pass that bridge when it comes to it.

This vintage shirt is one of the only ones that I own and the fact its absolutely massive makes it even better. Its quite hard to style but definitely a staple as it can be worn closed as a dress/top or open as a jacket type of thing.

I am literally loving this year of university so far, its much more intense but the whole design process this time round is much more exciting. Everything seems much more 'like industry' than it did last year!