As my London Fashion Week/Weekend season is now over, I thought I would celebrate with a lookbook video. This season, my heels graced the cobbles of Somerset House over three days of Fashion Week and once on London Fashion Weekend (which is coming shortly). Its the first time thatI have ever properly attended any shows so it was a different kind of experience and one which I hope happens each season from here until foreve. 

Each outfit was filmed in a series of short clips and compiled together in the video which is embedded below, hopefully you like it because I'm so pleased with how its turned out! 



For as long as I can remember, I've wanted one of the Marc Jacobs perfumes. There is just something about the beautiful scent and packaging that I can't get enough of. Not only do they look like an instagrammers dream but they also smell divine and lucky little me got my hands on Honey Daisy for Christmas thanks to my boyfriend, Josh. Since then, its become my signature scent and the one which I reach for most on days when I remember to wear perfume (which isn't every day).

The packaging is what I initially fell for, coming in a bright yellow dotty box that fitted so well with the design that looks almost like little butterflies rather than daisies, completely adorable and spring-like. I'm a hoarder when it comes to cute packaging and rarely throw boxes away so this one totally didn't help my 'box collection' but it definitely sells itself as a cute gift.

The scent, the important part, is very fresh and delicate - almost a more grown up fragrance compared to others in the Daisy family. Described by Marc Jacobs as being 'sunny, warm and enticing', there is a lovely undertone of honey and vanilla with subtle tones of pear and orange blossom. If like me, you don't understand the world of fragrance much, its very light and not too musky or floral. A happy medium. 

I'd recommend this scent to anyone who loves an understated perfume which isn't too overpowering. This fragrance is gorgeous, long lasting and deserving of a place in any collection.
If you didn't see yesterdays post, I'd advise taking a look! Its all about what is going to be happening on Copper Garden over the next few weeks while I'm out on internship. Its worth a read.
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