pyjama style shirt // monki (here - on sale)
ribbed high waist trousers // asos (similar here)
chelsea heeled boots // new look (here)

This top is not actually pyjamas. As much as it looks it - its not. The satin fabric and gorgeous print make it perfect for wearing casually or dressed up. It is quite low at the front but you could easily style it to look good this way or add another layer to keep it PG. At the moment, its reduce to £7 from £20 in the sale on ASOS so its worth picking up as soon as possible before its sold out.

My heels - favourites. I've never been a heels kind of girl but when they are chunky and boot style, I can't get enough of them. A year ago there was only two pairs of heels in my life, now there is about triple that - if not more! These heels are the 'elephant 2' from New Look and pretty much the only pair which fit me from there. New Look tends to come up quite wide with sizing (despite having wide fit ranges) so my flat, skinny feet just don't fit many of their styles.

Tonight is the first day of Bloggers Fashion Week which I will be live updating my instagram feed  with. If you don't already follow, my instagram is 'coppergarden'. I promise to try and keep it as interesting as possible but as usual, there will be posts to follow on my blog. 


milly, candy pink bikini set // triangl (here)+

Okay, so this is a really big deal for me. This is the first time that I have ever shown my body in this way - except before/afters which I deleted within minutes of them going up. I hate my figure and will do pretty much anything to try and change it but for today, my confidence grew a little and I realised that it isn't too bad.. so go easy with the comments!

When I received my Triangl underwear, I never dreamed that they would offer to send me some swimwear too but I am so grateful to them for providing me with this gorgeous bikini. I chose the typical style that everyone goes for but mainly because my decision for the underwear was between this and what I chose - so it was a no brainer to get the bikini version (which I do wear the top as a bra most of the time so it gets more wear!).

The main thing that stands out with Triangl is the material. They use neoprene which means the bikini is thicker and a lot more durable to the sea and conditions that may cause other bikinis to bobble or ruin. The bottoms are really comfortable and fit in a flattering way so there is no body hang-ups poolside. The bikini top is my favourite though because of the simple design - I love the black ribbed detailing! I find this to fit pretty much like a regular bra which is why I choose to wear it as one and despite being neoprene and having a bikini fastening - its so comfortable!

Today is moving day for me and my boyfriends 21st so apologies if I am a little MIA for the next couple of days. I've got so much going on and the fact that I've got to unpack and settle in is a lot of hard work! 


I did consider typing out the questions and answers, but it wouldn't have been half as funny as watching the video itself. If you didn't know, despite both being bloggers and you tubers - myself and Tash are real life best friends too, making collabs easy and much more interesting than if we didn't really know each other!

I hope you enjoy watching this and if you do, we might consider a couple more collaborations of some sort.. after all, we spend enough time together to do them!


tortoise glasses // firmoo (here)+
teddy bear jumper // glamorous (here)+
neon skirt // missguided (old)
elephant 2 boots // new look (here)+

What are your opinions on this new style of outfit posts? My lovely friend Laura took these for me and I think that they work better than my previous - in different kind of ways. I also stole one of her skirts to style with this jumper because it looked better than what I'd originally planned.

This jumper is pretty much like becoming a teddy bear for the day. Its so soft, warm and cuddly which is perfect for the changing weather - finally its cooling down! I also love the arm length as its slightly cropped which is the style I seem to wear most often.

I'm spending my day with friends from home today as I don't see them as much as I'd like to. Back to university tonight to pack the very last of my things ready for tomorrow which I am so excited about. I can't wait to be able to find my things and not be surrounded by boxes and bags.