Parkhurst, South Africa

Is It Time To Give Up On Summer?

Yep, midway through August and I’m throwing it out there because our Summer seems to be over. Or at least over for the most part because I’ve worn slightly more clothing and found myself snuggled in jumpers of an evening. Basically…

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There’s Meaning Behind The Metal.

Jewellery is something that comes with a meaning however obvious or hidden that meaning might be. Whether its a ring for your 5th birthday from the Grandparents or a pair of earrings to celebrate your graduation from university – its…

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Barcelona, Spain

Lets Chat About Blog Photography And Community Changes.

“They f*ck you up, your Mum and Dad. They don’t mean to, but they do.” A grafitti quote referencing a poem by Phillip Larkin that really got me thinking about society. About the blogging community. The group of individuals that come…

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