Things I Learnt The First Time I Travelled Solo.

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Here I am, one solo trip down and deciding to write a post about it after documenting the entire trip on YouTube. 

things you learn by travelling solo

finding yourself by travelling solo
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Here I am, one solo trip down and deciding to write a post about it after documenting the entire trip on YouTube. Anyone who has been on a holiday by themselves will tell you that its the best thing they ever did and I didn’t believe it until I was having the time of my life flying round a greek island on a quad bike with new friends and a new sense of adventure. I was the most terrified person when I started this trip, so if I can do it then anyone can. Heres some of the things I learnt while travelling solo for the first time.. 

Its way less scary than you think
The thought of being in a different country alone is daunting but its not as bad as you think. After the first couple of hours, everything becomes a little more familiar and you’ll get a feel for the surroundings and start meeting new people.

Planning is essential
Make sure you know how to get to your accommodation, get your insurance, take more money than you think you’ll need and be a lot more cautious. When I travel with friends there is much less care when it comes to things like printing out travel insurance and hotel bookings but when you go solo its essential.

You won’t be lonely
Whether you’re staying in hostels or hitting up the local sights, you’ll find other people travelling solo and they will probably become a friend much quicker. I struggle to start conversations with new people and found myself being the main talker.

How to say YES
In my head I’m the most adventurous person ever but in reality, I overthink a lot. This trip I completely let go and tried new things, ate new foods and embraced being around new people. I just started saying yes before thinking too much about anything and had the most fun ever.

Discover a new confidence
After a couple of days, my smile was twice as big and I was making friends quickly. I realised that I’m good at planning and that there was nothing to worry about. Being alone forced me to step out of my comfort zone and experience everything without hiding behind a

Getting outside of your current situation is a great way to think, being on the boat in the middle of the sea helped me to think differently about a lot of things. I ended up with an almost outside perspective.

If I’m honest, travelling solo is the best thing that I ever did. Its made me realise how much I love new cultures, trying new things and exploring who I am as well as the location. If you asked me three weeks ago, I’d never have travelled alone but now I can’t wait for my next adventure.

From one travel bug to another.. 



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