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Despite being lucky enough to be heading back to MedSailors in a few weeks, I love having the option of driving down to a British beach on the weekends and soaking up the sunshine with friends and cocktails to make some new memories before adulthood really begins. One of my summer essentials is definitely a portable speaker, providing me with endless dance parties and Sunday chills so there is always a background noise. The Libratone One Style is a newbie of mine which allows me to bluetooth Spotify from my phone for high quality sound so there is no faffing with downloads. The speaker comes in three colours (black, grey and turquoise) and features a soft rubber bumper with a hand loop to make it portable, lasting for 12 hours between charging which is ideal if you’re away over night.

The Libratone One Style might not be the smallest of speakers, but it is lightweight and fits easily into a bag without being bulky, which is always a plus when you need to take it abroad (suitcase weight dramas, we’ve all been there). I love the design and when I’m on the go it lasts for ages so the dance parties never end. I’ll definitely be taking it back to Greece with me because while I’m out riding quad bikes or relaxing on the beach, we’ve got a song to forever hold the memory or two, because connecting two phones can cause a little music battle worth remembering! With all of the tech stuff aside, it really is a great little speaker and at £139, its worth the investment because I use mine so often.


Bikini: Primark

Its basically an outfit which I should have photographed while on the MedSailors yacht but I completely forgot so Bournemouth beach will do. I fell in love with the cover-up from Pretty Little Thing because it fits like a dream, its perfect thrown over a bikini or worn with a vest dress underneath. Silver definitely enhances a tan so its worth it!

*Libratone were kind enough to collaborate with me on this post and gift me with a speaker, but all thoughts are my own. Thank you Libratone!

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