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annika nail polish review by beauty blogger copper garden
annika nail polishes
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Neutral and muted nail polishes are pretty much all that I own at the moment. There is something elegant and classic about having your nails painted in toned which compliment rather than brighten your nails, and we all know that I’m a sucker for all white. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bright pink manicure as much as the next girl, but if its a shade that I want for everyday then nude is what I choose. Annika nail polishes are a recent discovery of mine, sitting under the brand Edge and launching recently. The Annika collection features 30 shades including nudes, brights and everything in between so there is something for any occasion that you feel needs a little colour. If I’m honest, the colour on my nails changes weekly but the nail polishes are only £3.50 which means I can stock up on various shades without spending a fortune – something that is so appealing when you’re as indecisive as I am.

The four shades that I have are Cafe Au Lait which is a lovely warm brown that would compliment a tan nicely during the summer, Shadow Grey which is a really cool, light grey which is my favourite by far, Natural Beauty which is a cream shade that has a very subtle sparkle that looks great for a more classic look and finally, Bella Ballerina which is a barely there pink so you can feel like your nails look amazing without it being visible from a distance. 

My nails are painted with Bella Ballerina, enhancing my natural nail but with enough visibility to know that I’ve tended to them with a little manicure. After two weeks of having the polish on my nails, I think its about time that Annika got a five star rating. Not only has it lasted without a hitch but the shine is still as great as it was when it was first applied. The polishes are great for their glossy finish because it means that a top coat isn’t as essential, so the process of upgrading your colour doesn’t take as long. If you’re looking for a nail polish which has great longevity and looks gorgeous then I’d give Annika a try. 

*this post was sponsored by Annika but all thoughts on the collection are my own.

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