Friday, 3 June 2016


Oh boy have I been wearing this jumper a lot recently - its been out of my wardrobe more than its been inside but its so lightweight and easy to wear that it would be a shame to keep it hidden (which is exactly how I overspend on clothes every month). The neckline is more relaxed and the length of the body is perfect for teaming with high waisted jeans or shorts for warmer days.

Another beautiful addition to these outfit is my boots. Pretty Little Thing is never a place that I’d think to buy shoes but after getting these, I’m after some more. These beauties are studded, suede and slightly heeled so my legs look longer and I can wear a plain outfit to show them off a little more. They do also come in a cobalt blue and tan but of course, being me I opted for black. 


Thank you to my favourites at Comb for making me look a million times better than normal through their lens. As always, make sure you check out their app - its worth it but I can’t guarantee your bank balance will like it.
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