How crazy to think that I’m three weeks into this challenge already? Every Sunday morning without fail, I get up and set up my tripod to take my ‘progress pictures’ and quickly upload them to the computer to compare. 

Obviously the biggest change is my belly button being re-pierced because I finally got the balls to go and get it done! I’m quite chuffed with the difference here, my shoulders look so much better and my waist is noticeably slimmer and I’ve lost an inch or so around my middle. My bum is getting rounder and firmer too – winning!

Now lets chat about my wellbeing without getting all yoga on y’all. For some unknown reason, I’ve become this mega positive, happy and lively person and for anyone that knows me, they’ll be the firs tot say I’m a negative nelly most of the time! I enjoy going to the gym, I look forward to bootcamp and its completely changing my entire outlook on health – my body changes are showing quicker too. Every morning I look in the mirror and check which muscles are showing, how defined my abs are and I’m enjoying every teensy new gain rather than wishing I’d hurry up and look different. 

My food choices this week have been much better too, although I slipped up and had an entire dominos pizza to myself on Saturday evening. I think having one (big) cheat meal in three weeks isn’t bad though and I won’t be punishing myself for it (see, positive) because the rest of my meals have been healthy options – quinoa salads, houmous and carrot snacks and lots of chicken with sweet potato! 

What do you think of my progress? I’m buzzing to see the end result now!



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