With my deadline now a couple of days away, it only seemed fitting that the queen of procrastination posted about something university related and share my study playlist in collaboration with New Look’s NL Daily Student Hub, where you can find this post along with other student related content! In honesty, I used to be a television while studying kind of girl but over this project its just been a distraction and I’ve found that twice as much gets done if music is playing instead because the visuals aren’t there. 

Spotify can be great for any musical needs with their pre-made playlists but I decided to make my own full of the kind of sounds that I love – without the odd club classic thrown in on the off chance you’d want a dance party in the middle of that dissertation stress. When concentration is key and I’ve got lots to do, my music is mellow with some acoustic. I try and keep my playlist to songs that don’t have a very heavy beat or anything too distracting – its more of a background melody. Admittedly, I have a good sing to the Biebs and Neyo but at least it doesn’t turn into a little desk boogie. 

What do you listen to when you study?


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