After writing a post the other day and mentioning the hilarious ‘behind the scenes’ situation when the images were taken, I thought it would be funny to share what its really like to take outfit pictures outside. Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone but these are things that have happened, or that I’ve noticed since taking pictures on location. 

I think that because the pictures look so lovely when they’re edited, the reality of the situation is often hidden to anyone but the model/photographer. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had all of the below happen – for example having people walk through and ask what I’m modelling for or doing the awkward ‘is it okay? can i run through?’ and doing a walk-jog through the shot. Or the reality of a flashing battery that means you have to speed-pose and pray for a good shot before the camera dies.

Hopefully you like this post and can relate to it if you’re a blogger that also shoots outside! If not, have a laugh to yourself at the behind the scenes antics of fashion bloggers. If you’ve got anything to add, leave it in the comments so I can have a little giggle!


Realising that your resting face is quite miserable looking but a smile is too far so you’ll have to try and smile with your eyes.
Wearing sunglasses to hide the bags under your eyes. A lot.

Shooting between giant gusts of wind. Its a tricky process of avoiding looking blown away, potential hat holding and knicker flashing – outfit choices will vary the results.

People waiting to walk through, or just walking through regardless and ending up in one of your pictures.

Taking tons of pictures to realise the exposure is wrong or you’re out of focus the entire time.
Having a stranger ask what you’re modelling for or telling you how good you look 
(thanks btw)
Want to use a pretty doorstep? Its a nervous situation. The home owner will either not notice/ignore, shout or compliment your choice of door – usually shouting and telling you to move in an aggressive manor.

Throwing outfits into a suitcase so you can shoot multiple looks in one day and having to change in cafe toilets or the back of your car.

Quickly posing/shooting when a cloud blocks the sun, just to keep your lighting the same and avoid squinty eyes or awkward shadows.

Frantically quick-fire posing when you realise the battery is getting lower and you can’t get a good shot.

The hideous outtakes that make you question why anyone would want to see your outfit posts. Come on – we’ve all been there when a picture was taken without us knowing.

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