I’m totally one of those people who plans a Halloween outfit for months but forgets to buy anything until the last minute – this year being no exception. Luckily for us girls, many online websites now have Halloween ranges making it easy for us to shop last minute and get next day delivery so theres no more rushing down to the local fancy dress shop! 

I’ve compiled this small ‘outfit inspiration’ post just incase you’re like me and in need of something cheap and quick for the coming event. Make sure you check out the mentioned girls instagram accounts!


The Vampire

Okay, this was kind of inspired by the fact my friend Georgia posted an amazing look on her instagram that I want to try. Vampires are a fairly easy Halloween outfit – just think black, lace, velvet and a bit of fake blood and you’re ready to go. The lace maxi is the perfect Vampy dress with a simple bodycon underneath. Team it with some black heels and a velvet choker and you’re set – just get the makeup and fake blood out!

The Skeleton

A skeleton is so simple if you need last minute inspiration, as pretty much every shop has something with bones on it. The dress I’ve shown is a simple bodycon costing only £15 and teamed with some lace up heels the look is complete. Again taking inspiration with the makeup from Zoe, who posted a simple skeleton makeup look on Instagram

The Cat

Possibly the most simple outfit for Halloween, all you really need are some cat ears and a little dress – totally mean girls style. I always picture a cat outfit to be quite cute so the dress is perfect for that and the jumpsuit is the option for covering up a bit more.


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