Slightly chuckling to myself as this post has been sat un-written but photographed for a while, and now it seems like I am just promoting Jack Wills due to working there. I promise I’m not. I received these little lip balm tins in a gift set for Christmas and just hadn’t gotten around to writing the post until now. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for a good bit of Carmex but these are my favourite alternative.

Jack Wills aren’t known for their beauty products and only have a small collection, but they are worth checking out. My all time favourite is the Hope Cove collection but these lip balms are a close second. Each lip balm comes in a JW striped tin with a different colour lid. I think the packaging is really cute and the tins are about the same size as Vaseline so fit easily into handbags and the likes.

The gift set comes with three scents; mint, rose and berry. The scent is mild but noticeable on each and the product is easy to apply to your finger/lips and gives a fairly good amount. The consistency is fairly smooth and lightweight. I have found that they work as good as any other lip balm at refreshing my lips and keeping them feeling soft and smooth.

I would really recommend these however the sets aren’t available except for Christmas time, but when they are back its worth investing in a few! Keep your eyes peeled as its almost that time of year again..


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