The Ukrainian flag is divided into two horizontal stripes, one yellow and one blue. In combination, they are thought to reflect the landscape and excellent harvests – sunflowers and wheat are their national emblems.

The colours, yellow and blue, of the Ukrainian flag is becoming increasingly popular, and the mass manufacture of clothing and other items using the Ukrainian flag has already started a trend. The colours blue and yellow have evolved to be synonymous with freedom and democracy.

Show your support for freedom and democracy

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Interesting facts about the Ukrainian flag

The Ukrainian flag has made an appearance in modern popular culture. It has become as well-known as the United States of America or the British union jack flags.  All of this is a direct result of the courageous defence put up by the Ukrainian people during its battle with Russia.

The national flag of Ukraine was approved in 1848, and the colours blue and yellow were derived from Galicia-Volhynia, a mediaeval kingdom created in the 12th century, which inspired the design. In the 15th century, these colours were recognised as part of the Ukrainian flag, although unofficially. However, it was not until 1991, after decades of living under Russia’s national colours, that it was adopted as its official flag.

There aren’t many occasions when a flag reflects an entire nation, but Ukraine, which has some of the most fertile terrains on the globe, serves as an example of their true nature: freedom and food, the sky, and nutrition for everyone. They have been referred to be “the breadbasket of Europe. A well-known saying is, “If you possess Ukraine, you will provide food for your people.”

As a direct result of the Ukrainian revolt of 2014, which destabilised the nation and resulted in territorial losses as well as the commencement of a bloody civil war, the heritage of the Ukrainian flag and emblems have been embroiled in a dispute.

The Ukrainian parliament approved recommunication legislation in 2015 to destroy the country’s Soviet heritage while also prohibiting the promotion of symbols of Communist rule in the country. Soviet insignia are only permitted if they are situated in a cemetery or memorial from that point on. On the other hand, many military monuments have not been spared harm and have been defaced or completely demolished since 2015.

Slava Ukraini!

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