Having regular sex has been said to be just as beneficial for you as many pharmaceutical products for various health issues. If you want healthier skin, happier mood, less stress, lower the risk of having a stroke, heart disease, lower blood pressure, or even reduce the risk of prostate cancer, then here’s why sex is the best medicine.


During sex your body generates endorphins, and our bodies secrete a hormone known as dopamine. This can have healing effects on our body, immune system and boosts our mood. It relaxes you, which relieves stress and anxiety. Millions of people take medications for stress and anxiety and could feasibly substitute those for regular sexual activity. Which would you prefer! We would all rather walk around in far happier moods and with a healthy glow.


Sex is a form of exercise, but definitely way more fun, and like any physical activity it is good for your heart. Exercise from sex reduces heart disease, heart attacks and lowers your blood pressure. Plus you get the added bonus of burning off a few calories! Get fit whilst having sex, no need for the gym.


Multiple muscles are used during sexual activity, especially the pelvic floor muscles. This is really beneficial for women as they get older. Vaginal blood flow increases during sex, which helps the vagina improve its elasticity. This helps with bladder control for older women. Feasibly more regular sex for women of an age could mean putting away incontinence pads.


For men, sex and masturbation can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Research has shown that 21 or more ejaculations a month significantly reduces the chance of prostate cancer, sounds like a great excuse right!


Having sex before going to sleep gives you a better nights sleep. The endorphins following orgasm leave you feeling very relaxed and more likely to fall asleep quickly. A good nights sleep means waking up feeling refreshed and in a better mood.


Sex has also been known to cure certain types of headaches and even migraines. It’s a natural analgesic. The key is in the orgasm, when you climax there is a surge of blood flow released together with the feel-good endorphins. It’s fair to say that sex is the best medicine. It costs nothing and is definitely a lot more enjoyable.


Sex is also what makes a relationship stronger. It makes you feel connected with your partner. Touch therapy comes into play when you get busy with your partner. This builds emotional security and strength in a relationship, which brings you closer together.


Basically, getting naughty under the sheets definitely has its benefits, both mentally and physically, and it’s an excellent way to strengthen your relationship.

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