Vacationers all over the world must currently reckon with rising prices. Not only for vacations, trips, cruises, but also for normal hotel overnight stays.

What to do to get cheap prices?
There are a few booking portals, but does everyone have the time to search through them?
If there were a portal with the cheapest prices or a price guarantee, would you use this portal?

Now there is the solution- High Life Travel

• Over 800,000 hotels and resorts worldwide
• Hotel and resorts at wholesale prices up to 70%
• No monthly fees required to access your savings
• Save on meeting spaces, car rentals, flights, condo weeks, and cruises
• The more you book, the more you save
• No blackout dates
• $10,000 in travel savings to use anytime
• Active & Executive Status for 12 months
• Savings on flights, Hotels, weekly stays, tours, sailboats, cars, cruises, activities

Partnership with the biggest brands in the business, get access to more than one million options worldwide.

1000s of Flights across the Globe.
HLT offers you the ability to book flights in both money and Reward Credits. Booking flights with your membership helps you earn double or trible rewards each time you fly.

HLT provides access to over 1,000,000 hotels wordwide

Affordable Luxury and Leisure
You can book a rental car the same day or in advance with pick up and drop- off locations available thoughout the US, Mexico, Canada, Europe and anywhere you are traveling.

With the Prepaid Membership you can enjoy the excitement of cruising to exotic destinations around the world. You have access to all major cruise lines.


Members get access to thousands of options for activities and excursions to enjoy their vacation.

High Life Prepaid Travel Memberships starting at $199. Choose the amount of savings you want ( up to $10,000 for $799 ) and use the savings whenever you like! Travel around the world and save big!

$10,000 Prepaid Travel Saving $799

$7,000 Prepaid Travel Saving $599

$4,000 Prepaid Travel Saving $399

$1500 Prepaid Travel Saving$199

Travel memberships are out—pre-paid travel is in!


Here you pay for your travel savings in advance and use them whenever you want- without time limits.
Choose one of High Life Travel´s travel packages and get access to the booking portal. The savings will be deducted from your credit when you book.

(Andrea Warkus independent Affiliate MDC)

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