As the exhilarating Formula 1 Grand Prix approaches in Sao Paulo this year, we take great pride in offering our top-tier bodyguard, close protection, and secure transportation services. Specifically catering to VIPs, celebrities, families, and travellers attending this prestigious event, our skilled team of English-speaking, armed and unarmed specialists is committed to ensuring safety, privacy, and peace of mind. Find a detailed list of all of our services here

Being a leading security provider in the industry, we appreciate the unique challenges and potential risks tied to high-profile events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Consequently, our carefully designed services address the diverse needs of our clients, incorporating female bodyguards for those who prefer a discreet and specialised approach.

Our all-encompassing security solutions include:

Personal Bodyguard Services: Featuring highly trained and professional bodyguards, we offer round-the-clock protection, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of our clients. They excel in anticipating potential threats, mitigating risks, and managing emergencies with accuracy and efficiency. Furthermore, our team includes both armed and non-armed specialists, allowing clients to select the most suitable security level.

Close Protection Services: Recognising that each client has unique security needs, we provide bespoke close protection services. Collaborating with clients, our expert team devises personalised security plans, encompassing risk assessment, route planning, and contingency measures. Consequently, we deliver unparalleled protection and peace of mind, irrespective of the nature of potential threats.

Secure Transportation: To bolster our clients’ safety, we supply secure transportation services, complete with armoured vehicles, trained drivers, and cutting-edge GPS tracking technology. Our luxurious fleet ensures not only safety, but also comfort and elegance, allowing clients to travel confidently and reach their destinations worry-free.

Female Bodyguards: Acknowledging the demand for varied security options, we present the services of highly competent female bodyguards. Specially trained to handle situations requiring discretion and sensitivity, they are the perfect choice for clients seeking a more subtle and unobtrusive security approach.

Our dedication to excellence and ability to consistently surpass clients’ expectations set us apart. Our security professionals undergo stringent training and adhere to the highest industry standards, assuring exceptional service at all times. Moreover, our 24/7 support guarantees clients have access to assistance and guidance whenever required.

In summary, our premier security solutions for the Sao Paulo Formula 1 Grand Prix afford clients the utmost protection and peace of mind. Whether you are a VIP, celebrity, family, or traveller, our team of adept and experienced professionals prioritises your safety and well-being. Choose our security services and relish unparalleled protection, discretion, and comfort during the thrilling Formula 1 Grand Prix in Sao Paulo this year.

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