Holiday in a cabin with a view in Herefordshire
If you are one of the three out of ten British people who have opted for a
staycation this summer, well done to you. You are potentially avoiding
the wildfires that affect many popular holiday destinations in Europe.
You are also saving yourself from the stress of clearing airport security,
queuing at a long tailback in Kent to cross the French border and of
course, saving yourself some money.


But now that you have decided to holiday in the UK, where do you head
to for your well earned break? How about heading to one of the most
rural counties in England; Herefordshire. More specifically, to the south
of Herefordshire, in a little village called Much Birch. There among a
number of tasteful holiday rentals is a unique cabin called the Queen
Bee Cabin. This shepherd’s hut style holiday accommodation is cited by
an Oak tree, on a two acre field, right in the heart of the Much Birch


Even before stepping into the cabin, the stunning panoramic views from
outside the cabin are breathtaking. To your left is little Birch, with its
church poking out from the landscape. As you look to the right from
Little Birch, you take in Athelstan’s wood, May Hill in Gloucestershire in
the distance, Ross-On-Wye and parts of south Wales. There are many
other interesting views between the aforementioned landscapes which
are best experienced for yourself.

Inside the Queen Bee Cabin

Queen Bee Cabin
The cabin entrance opens into the kitchen, with a great big Belfast sink
in front of you, under a window that looks onto an Oak tree in the back of
the cabin. To the left is a four hob electric cooker, with a stunning copper
splash back. Turning right into the cabin; you have a small oak
multipurpose table with two stools that serves as a workstation or a
dining table. To the left is a cosy seat, by a bookshelf that serves as a
mini-library. Seating on the stool by the oak table, you can take in the
stunning views across the neighbouring fields, you may spot horses
grazing at the adjourning field.


Demarcated by a massive hand-carved green oak beam, the sleeping
area is probably the most exciting space in the cabin. There is a queen
size bed, which if you sit up on, you will look out into most of the same
stunning views you saw from outside the cabin. Two bedside lamps to
either side of the bed ensure each of the two people staying in the cabin
control their own bedside lamp.


In many shepherd’s huts and cabins, the toilets tend to be outside the
sleeping and lounging space. That is not the case in The Queen Bee
Cabin. The shower and toilet facilities are within the cabin, just on the
other side of the sleeping section. Other than the usual things you
expect such as showers and toilets, the space above the hand washing
sink boasts a tastefully and creatively done decoupage, created with old
beekeeping books and magazines.


As you brush your teeth in the morning, you have the option of looking
into the large round mirror or learning about the history of beekeeping
from the decoupage around the mirror. A stay at the queen bee cabin in
Herefordshire will provide you with a refreshing short holiday, without the
need for international travel.

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