The Use of Bamboo as a Substitute for Cotton
In the textile industry, cotton uses the most water. To grow only one kilogramme of cotton requires an average of 8,000 litres of water. Cotton production accounts for at least 11% of the world’s pesticides and 25% of its insecticides.

After years of farming, cotton soil is so depleted that only adding fertiliser may revive it enough to support further cotton growth. have a great range of Bamboo clothing. Make sure to check them out at


The Advantages of Organic Cotton
To the naked eye, it is hard to discern whether or not a product is made from conventional or organic cotton. What sets one brand apart from another is how it’s made. Natural and sustainable processes are employed in the manufacturing of organic cotton.

For instance, organic cotton has no synthetic chemicals added during the growing or processing stages. Our company is still dedicated to using only organic cotton in our goods.


Sunlight and rain are all bamboo needs to flourish. So, there is no need for supplemental watering. Bamboo may be grown without the use of any chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or insecticides. Since bamboo’s roots stay in the ground after being cut, the world’s fastest-growing plant resumes growth almost immediately. Ten times as much bamboo than cotton can be grown on the same amount of acreage.


The majority of our textile production now involves cotton.
Although cotton has significant environmental drawbacks, I would always choose bamboo over cotton products. Simply put, it’s because cotton fibres possess a quality that bamboo fibres do not.

The coarse cotton fibres we use to give our clothes durability and shape. Fortunately, organic cotton offers a way to lessen the adverse effects of conventional cotton farming on the environment.


The benefits you receive from bamboo goods are not limited to only aesthetic ones.
The usage of bamboo has advantages for both you and the environment. Bamboo fibres naturally wick away moisture so that you can stay cool and dry in your bamboo clothing.

Because bamboo fibres have a naturally smooth structure, textiles created from bamboo have a luxuriously soft feel.


You’ll stay cool and dry because of the micro-holes in bamboo fibres, which also assist regulate your body temperature.

After giving bamboo a try, you won’t want to wear anything else. Be considerate of both yourself and the planet. Make sure to visit to place an order.

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