Take a look at our top suggestions for fun outdoor activities in the UK that you and your children may enjoy during a holiday in the UK.


Regardless of age, rockpooling is fun for the whole family. When the tide goes out, you can find rockpools in most of the best coastal staycation sites, and they’re home to a wide variety of fascinating marine life.

The only thing you need to take rockpooling is a bucket so you can see the critters you find. The marine life might get entangled in your nets, so please don’t use them. Whether you’re competing with others to see who can locate the most animals or want to document your discoveries for the year’s end, it’s essential to do it thoroughly and with documentation such as photographs or a checklist.

To get the most of rockpooling, you need to get your hands dirty, move boulders around to reveal crabs hiding below, and pick up seaweed to see what’s hiding in its fronds. These Keen Kids sandals are the ideal compromise between lightweight flexibility and protection for the harsh elements of summer.

Remember to carefully reintroduce the water from your bucket or container back into the rockpool when you’re done.



During the epidemic, you may have done a lot of walking to stay active, but hiking is very different from those walks. Actually, it is!

Hiking is a fantastic way to see the area around you, whether on a staycation by the sea or lakes, in the forest or in the hills. It’s an excellent opportunity to take a break from the stresses of daily life and spend quality time with your loved ones.

If your kids are old enough, you may go retro and have them guide you by reading maps. It would be fun to make a nature scavenger hunt for the little ones to participate in

Hiking is still an option if you’re travelling with a baby; remember to have a baby carrier.



Spending one or two nights under the stars is a fantastic way to spend a holiday, even if you aren’t planning on making camping your permanent holiday destination.

Camping is a fantastic way to strengthen the bonds between family members on a physical and psychological level. Your child’s self-esteem and sense of responsibility may benefit from being given tasks to complete about the tent, no matter how big or tiny those tasks may be.

If you’re only going camping for one or two nights, you won’t need nearly as much equipment as you would for a more extended vacation. A family tent and sleeping bags are essential, even if you don’t need much else.


Skipping Stones

Stone skipping can be another enjoyable, age-less, and classic outdoor sport. Stone skipping is a great way to relax while still having a good time, and it’s great for people of all ages, from the young who delight in each splash to the more mature who relish the challenge of achieving an additional skip.

On a gorgeous summer day, you may want to keep your older children up for a game of stone skipping as the sun dips beyond the ocean horizon. That’s something you can’t forget anytime soon.

Making it a competition is fun to add excitement and interest, such as seeing who can create the most fantastic splash (not precisely the notion of skipping stones, but smaller children will be amazed!) or who can score the most skips.



Outdoor climbing walls may be found in a wide variety of adventure parks in popular domestic vacation destinations. Many of these places also have a variety of climbing options, from bouldering walls to traditional roped walls, so that climbers of all ages and abilities may find something to their liking.

Climbing is a great activity for kids since it is both enjoyable and beneficial to their growth and development. Climbing helps build muscles throughout the body, improves balance, and challenges one to think creatively. It’s also a terrific alternative for kids who might not enjoy ball sports. Your kids will gain great accomplishment and newfound confidence after reaching the top of the climbing walls (and maybe so will their parents!).

And there you have it: our top recommendations for fun outdoor activities to enjoy with the kids during a summer staycation.

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