I believe this is the most beautiful Autumn palette I’ve ever seen. Although I dislike the October cold, I like the warm, rich, and dramatic colours that accompany the season. It’s my favourite season for makeup, and I’m constantly on the lookout for the sexiest, toastiest eyeshadows to brighten up my face. Don’t murder me, but I believe I discovered it in the United States, and I’m here to share it with you now.

This costs about £12 for a total of 12 eyeshadows. Hello there? I’m amazed that more people aren’t gushing over this palette! Let’s take a closer look.

If you’re unfamiliar with Colourpop, it’s a cruelty-free, mostly vegan beauty business based in Los Angeles and made there. It’s really inexpensive, and 9 times out of 10, the product delivers deep pigmentation and long-lasting wear-ability. Everything I’ve tried so far, from the eyeshadows to the liquid lips and eyeliner, as well as primers and highlighters, has been incredible and well worth the shipping expenses! Yes, that is presently the only annoyance for individuals outside of the US; you must spend £40 on their site to qualify for free international shipping, as well as possible taxes if a big item arrives. However, unlike other US-only businesses – such as Kylie Cosmetics – you may receive 10 items for £40 instead of just one. On that note, there have been rumblings that Kylie Cosmetics may be made by Colourpop, so possibly the liquid lipsticks – which are under £5 on Colourpop’s website.

This seems to have been a cult sensation in the UK, selling out and restocking multiple times already, but the dust has cleared, and it’s okay to talk about it without the regret of not being able to purchase it right away! However, it is presently restricted to two per order. There are 12 colours in all, with each pan holding 0.03 oz of substance. Their single eyeshadows at full size are 0.05oz, so they’re not far off. My initial thoughts were that the palette is much smaller in person than I expected it to be from seeing it online, yet it doesn’t seem weak or likely to shatter, despite being packaged in cardboard. I’ve carried it in my bag, and it hasn’t cracked or exhibited any damage, even though the pigments are so powerful that they imprint on the lid. A big thumbs up.

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