Long lashes are one of my favourite ways to draw attention to my eyes. It seems that adding eyelash volume and a dash of lip gloss to your appearance is the perfect mix for being ready to take on anything that comes your way.

I’m unable to obtain lash extensions since I’m allergic to the adhesive used in the procedure. I barely know how to apply artificial lashes properly.  So, what is a young lady to do? I use an eyelash growth serum to encourage my eyelashes to become thicker and longer on their own, without anyone else’s help. This is where Eyelash Serum comes to the rescue. When utilising serum continuously for 4-6 weeks, it is expected that your lashes will seem longer and fuller.

Approximately two months have passed since I began utilising a lash growth serum. My night-time skincare routine includes using it at night after cleansing my face and patting it dry. Overnight, I didn’t observe any difference in the length of my lashes. I had to wait a week or so before seeing any changes. However, when I did, it was incredible! Because my lashes are a shade lighter in colour, it’s difficult for me to tell how long they’ve been out while I’m gazing in the mirror. The first thing I do in the morning is apply mascara so that I can see my beautiful lashes. Because my lashes are becoming so long now, if you look at me with mascara on my recently grown out lashes, you’d believe I’m wearing lash extensions or fake lashes.

Another reason why I love  Lash serum is that it does not dry out my eyes or irritate them, as some other products have done in the past that I have tried and failed to appreciate. I’ve even visited an eye specialist when I was taking a different kind of eye drops because my eyes were becoming so dry and uncomfortable. In addition to repairing damaged eyelash follicles, the serum also helps to provide the illusion of longer eyelashes.

In a last-ditch attempt, I had my eyebrows microbladed the year before.  But eyelash Serum has assisted me the most in re-establishing brow hairs in areas where I had lost hope that they would ever reappear.

Some interesting facts about Eyelashes

Your eyelashes are made up of 3 per cent water and 70% keratin, according to their makeup. Keratin is a kind of protein that aids in the creation of your body’s hair, nails, and skin, among other things.

Moll and Zeis glands are located in the lashes of your eyes. These glands produce compounds that keep your eyes from drying out continuously. They also help to keep germs from growing in your eyes.

Your upper eyelid has around 90 to 150 eyelashes, while your lower eyelid has approximately 70 to 80 eyelashes. On the other hand, these figures frequently differ from person to person.

Every day, between 4 and 5 of your lashes fall off naturally. The eyelash development cycle is often a fairly gradual process that takes several months.

Your eyelashes contribute to the protection of the eye and enhance the appearance of your eyes. Even 4000 years ago, ancient Egyptian women and men used various techniques to enhance the appearance of their eyelashes.

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