When people think about cashmere clothing, the first few words that come to mind are soft, rich, and high maintenance. Refrain from letting the fact that this delicate fabric needs some care deter you from adding a few comfortable cashmere pieces to your wardrobe. It’s simple to maintain outstanding condition for your cashmere if you wash, dry, and store it properly. For further reading, make sure to take a look at this amazing website on how to wash cashmere

Please take a moment to relax and follow our instructions; we guarantee there won’t be any pain involved.

Your cashmere can be cleaned at home, so yes. These procedures will assist you in maintaining the freshness of your cashmere, whether you are hand washing a sweater, dress, or scarf.

Add a light detergent, such as sensitive shampoo, or dilute dish soap, to the cold water in your sink.
Give your cashmere five minutes to soak in the sink before giving it a good rinse.
To get the extra water out of your clothing, take it out and roll it up. Wringing cashmere can wear out the delicate fabric, so avoid doing it.

To remove any remaining moisture, lay your clothing straight on a towel and roll it up.
Put your clothes on a rack to dry. If you don’t have a stand, place the object to be dried between two towels.

Lacking time to do your laundry by hand? You might be surprised to learn that cashmere can be cleaned in a washing machine. Before putting the item in the washing machine, please place it in a mesh bag or laundry bag and choose the delicate cycle on water. Your cashmere is always a fantastic candidate for dry cleaning if you’d prefer to leave it to a professional.

Cleaning cashmere after using it twice to three times is recommended. A cashmere brush or bristled fabric brush can be used to remove any fabric blisters in between washings. The presence of pills is just an indication of wear and does not indicate that the cashmere you bought was of inferior quality.

Now regardless of how careful you are, your sweater can still get a minor stain. Although you might be tempted to worry at first, by following our helpful stain removal suggestions, you can maintain your composure and cashmere.

Grease-based or makeup-based:

Blot the stain first. After that, pre-treat by giving the cashmere a gentle shower soak.



Gently massage the stained area after dipping a sponge in liquid detergent, being careful not to scrape too forcefully.

Red wine, tea, or coffee stains:

These should be carefully removed by rubbing them with a sponge dipped in cold water and dishwashing solutions. Avoid using soap or laundry detergents because they might worsen red wine stains.
After that, rinse your item in water and hang it to dry. Your cashmere ought to be in like-new condition!

Storage &ongoing maintenance:

Keep these suggestions in mind to keep your cashmere looking fresh.

Your cashmere dresses and sweaters shouldn’t be hung. The shoulders will sag on a hanger, and the outfit will lose its natural structure.

Rather, arrange your cashmere and store it somewhere dry, like a shelf or drawer.
Keep your cashmere for the year in a cool, dry place in a ventilated garment bag or zippered bag. You can use acid-free tissue paper to wrap every part of cashmere clothing to avoid creases.

Before storing it for the offseason, remember to wash your cashmere. Moths are drawn to human odours, so you should remove fragrances or food aromas before storing your items. Put some cedar wood insect repellents alongside your cashmere as an extra measure of protection. Start stocking up on this cosy and abundant luxury material in time for jumper season now that you are prepared to care for it. You’ll feel and look great!

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