Finding the right shoes for your feet is crucial because they impact the comfort and health of your feet. Finding the best shoes for wide feet is a different problem altogether. We are not saying it is not impossible, only that it can be a bit difficult.

Most of the shoes sold by shoe stores are for people with normal and narrow feet. If you have wide feet and are not careful about the shoes you are buying, you may end up with shoes that are very uncomfortable to put on or can’t wear for long periods.

Tips for Finding the Best Shoes for Wide Feet

So, how do I find the best shoes for wide feet? You ask! Well, here are some tips to help you along.

Only buy shoes that fit you.

One of the most important things people assume they know is their feet measurement. Make certain you know your exact measures and what size of shoe will fit your wide fit (the next tip below will help you on this).

When you are buying any pair of shoes, make sure that you try them on before getting out your wallet to pay for them. If you buy from an online store, ensure you have the correct measurements.

Never buy a shoe that is not the exact size you want. While this might seem like an obvious thing, some people end up buying shoes a little bit smaller or bigger than their measure. It does not matter how small the difference is; never buy a smaller shoe size and just hope that it will expand if you put on the shoes several times.

Have your feet measured by a professional

Most people have never had their feet measured professionally. They mostly tend to rely on shoes they have worn in the past as a reference for the size of their feet.

While this might seem like an easy way of knowing your feet size, being measured by a professional is the right way of doing it. Knowing your exact measurements is crucial, especially considering most people buy their shoes online.

Trying shoes before buying them from an online store is not possible. While people are not always concerned about this problem because they are allowed to return the shoes (within a specific returned period), it still makes buying shoes more cumbersome.

So, have your feet measured by a professional and know your size; you will thank us later when you see how easier it will be to buy the right shoes for your wide feet.

Look for shoe stores and brands with shoes for wide feet

While it is possible to get the right fitting shoes for your feet from any shoe store, the best way to go is by buying from stores and brands that have feet specifically made for people with wide feet.

Because these stores already have the type of shoes you are looking for, you can be assured that you will easily find the right fitting pair for your feet, making the whole buying process efficient and easy.
Wide Fit Shoes is one of the best footwear stores that has an exceptional collection of extra-wide fitting shoes for women and men.

Choose shoes with adjustable elements

One of the main rules for people looking to buy shoes for their wide feet is to choose the ones with adjustable elements. The adjustable elements make it easy for you to modify the shoes to fit your feet perfectly.

Adjustable shoes are very convenient for people with wide feet and anyone whose feet might swell. They are also more comfortable for people with wide feet than those with no adjustable elements.

If possible, avoid heels

We get that choosing the type of shoes you want to wear is solely your right. However, you should know wearing high heel shoes is not good for the health of your feet. It does not matter how wide or narrow your feet are.

Wearing heels can cause deformities on the front part of your feet because of the pressure caused. Also, wearing high heel shoes for a prolonged time widens your feet even more.


While finding the right fitting shoes for people with wide feet might not be as easy as those with narrow or normal feet, it should not be hard either. If your feet have been measured by a professional and know your exact measurements, buying shoes should be easy.

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