A great way to minimise your environmental impact by reducing your carbon footprint and helping local charities this Christmas is to choose your Christmas greetings from the best charity Christmas ecard list. We all want to lead a much more environmentally friendly lifestyle, so every little thing we do to reduce our carbon footprint helps the planet.


You may think that Christmas cards are not significant in the grand scheme of things, but this is true on an individual level. Collectively, British people send 1.7 billion cards a year. When you consider the environmental impact of manufacturing and disposing of close to 2 billion cards, you would agree that the fewer paper cards we send, the better it is for the environment.


The environmental argument aside, there are significant social benefits and fundraising opportunities for the charities on the best charity Christmas ecards list, as the donation made when you send a greeting card on their platform goes to support their cause. Some of the charities on the list include household names in cancer care as well as charities that help children and adolescents with special needs.


So, if sending a charity ecard has benefits for the environment and for a charity, what is in it for me? Apart from helping you reduce your carbon footprint, ecards get to the recipient much faster than traditional mail. You can also personalise an ecard, both with your own words and with graphics and sometimes a video. Ecards may also be scheduled in advance, just to ensure that you do not forget to send greetings to friends and family on important occasions.


There are numerous other advantages to sending an electronic Christmas or birthday card, one of which is the use of WhatsApp to send greetings. Some ecard platforms even allow you to send ecards via Facebook and other social media. Ecards also have the advantage that you can track the progress of your ecard and even know if and when the ecard you sent is opened and read. Some platforms make it possible for you to reply to ecards sent to you.


The environmental benefit was the first argument for urging you to consider a switch from paper greeting cards to electronic greeting cards. Once you get past the environmental argument, you will see that ecards just make a lot more sense than paper-based greeting cards. Ecards deliver a lot more, and they are far more versatile than paper cards. There are, however, one or two things that can be said in favour of paper-based cards.


Most of the time, people like displaying greeting cards they receive from loved ones. You can display a paper birthday card on your mantelpiece or anywhere else in your home. You can enjoy your card only on your computer.


If you are planning to send a Christmas card this year, be sure to choose from the list in this article. All the charities on the list also sell birthday, anniversary, and other eCards for other occasions. Sending your greetings from one of the charities means you will be taking a significant step to reduce your environmental impact while supporting a UK charity.

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