Are you looking for the best sofa sets for your living room? Getting one of your choices is not that easy if you don’t know where to look. The online market is flooded with furniture stores offering different sofa designs, which makes choosing your desired sofa set even overwhelming.

There is this chance that your sofa is one piece of furniture that will spend some decades in your living room, which means you should be keen when you’re choosing one in the market.
Here in this article, we list you some of the top-quality sofa sets you can buy from Nicky Cornell to give your living room a new look.

1 – Vintage Leather Slab Side 3 Seater Sofa

If you don’t have enough space in your living room and you’re looking for some sofa that saves you space, you can opt for this leather sofa. The three-seater sofa comes in a more vintage design giving your living room a more classic look.









This affordable vintage armchair sofa will give your living room a charm of character and spice up your living room with this high-end leather sofa.
You can buy more vintage tan leather sofa sets from Nicky Cornell.


2 – Marker Grey Fabric Chaise Sofa

You get the best fabric style sofa, and in this special Marker Grey Chaise Sofa, Nicky Cornell just got it on point. This is a three-seater that gives you visitors all the comfort they need. It is made with class and style in mind.










The arms are just spacious enough to keep your guest comfortable. If you are looking for a sofa for lounging in front of the TV, this is one of the best you can have.
The fabric is grey, which can match almost any interior décor you have in your living room. The sofa looks more stylish for the price


3 – Back Chesterfield Vintage Leather Sofa

Today, the back chesterfield sofa set is one of the most trending pieces of furniture. It remains a timeless piece because most people cherish the buttoned back. Most people prefer to have a two-seater chesterfield in the living.







However, if you are saving on space or want a sofa that accommodates most of your guests, you can opt for this vintage leather sofa. This is one of the best sellers at Nicky Cornell, and you can’t wait to have it indoors.


4 – Large Green Moderno Sofa

Are you looking for the best high-end sofa for your living room? This Modern Sofa, the two-seater, has your back covered. It is a wonderful statement you should not hesitate to have in your living room.









This sofa has been designed with one of the best in the industry, giving it a unique look for your space. You will fall in love with the low back, wide arms, and the long seat – it makes it suitable for placing your magazine or a cup of coffee when you rest.
The comfort level is also top-notch – this is a sofa you can settle on for hours without feeling back pain.


5 – Silver Crush Sofa

Nicky Cornell is well known for its popular furniture, and in this Silver Crush 2- seater, they just got everything on point. The medium-soft sofa has been constructed from a metal castor and pocket springs. It is finished in silver velvet.









The shaped arms make this sofa ideal for your living room. The deep seats and lots of upholstery options make it one of the best options you have at Nicky Cornell.


Final Thoughts

A high-end sofa set should take pride of place in your living room. It should reveal your personality and change the mood in your living space. If you shop for a sofa for your living room, you should go for special features like comfort, hidden consoles, material, style, and design. These five are some of the best you can find at Nicky Cornell.

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