Hair toppers provide an excellent option for women experiencing balding or thinning hair, but have not suffered total hair loss fully. Human hair toppers are also great if you want to add extra volume when you are not experiencing hair loss. Choosing hair toppers for the first time is a massive decision. Here is what you need to consider when choosing the right hair toppers for women. For video format, you can watch the following:

How To Choose Your First Hair Topper For Women


1. Determining Hair Loss Area

While hair loss can occur anywhere, many women experience hair loss at the front hairline crown and parting line. If the hair loss has progressed for a long time, it can occur throughout your entire head.


2. Measuring Hair Loss Area

When it comes to measuring the area of hair loss, you will require a measuring tape and a pen to note your measurements. You can measure the hair loss area in either direction. However, the best way is to measure front to back and add an extra inch on the measuring tape. Then measure left to right, and add an extra inch as well.


3. Identifying Hair Density

Density is simply the thickness of your hair. Knowing if you need just a little bit of hair on your topper or more to achieve a more natural look is important.

If this is your first time wearing a hair topper, going for the lighter density is ideal. This helps you adjust to the new hair while also not looking too unnatural. The lighter hair density feels less heavy on your head, making it more comfortable, especially as a first-time hair topper wearer. In time, you can increase the hair density gradually until you get your desired thickness.


4. Measuring Hair Length

There are different ways to measure your hair length. One of the methods is having a topper a bit shorter than natural hair to get a layered look. Another way is to have a topper a little longer than your hair. Depending on the style or look you want to achieve, either of the ways will work. Avoid buying a topper with a long length and having to cut it shorter, as this will cost you more money.
To measure your current hair length, place a measuring tape at the top of your head and measure the length of your hair to the bottom.


5. Matching Hair Topper Colour with Your Hair Colour

First, you must identify your hair colour. Then, purchase a hair topper that closely matches the current shade of your hair. If you are considering dyeing your hair, you must do it before choosing hair toppers. Dyeing your hair topper to match the colour of your hair will affect its quality.


6. Choosing A Hair Topper Base

There is a wide range of hair toppers Canada to choose from at Superhairpieces from skin tops, silk mono, lace, to integration systems. Every type of hair topper base has its various pros and cons, so you choose one that is ideal for your needs.

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