The fashion industry is crowded, and sometimes following the trend can take your breath.
If you are a fashion lover or want to be inspired by fashion, you don’t have to follow celebrities, designers, and bloggers. You can also remain on the right track as a fashion illustrator.

Illustration is an important part of fashion. Designers have to sketch the outfit before they can give it some life. Fashion illustration has been there for centuries, even before photography came into the limelight.

Here are the three best fashion illustrators to follow:


1 – Beth Goody

Beth is one of the best performing fashion illustrators you can follow for the best in the industry.





She is a conceptual illustrator whose primary work is to solve major problems. The illustrators create unique projects that express concepts more excitingly.

As one of the top illustrators, she holds a degree in illustration. That means you get some class of touch and experience in what she does. The knowledge she has gained over the years in fashion illustrations makes her outstanding in selecting a colour palette, natural flair, and graphic design.


2 – Florenza Palama

Florenza is one of the top fashion illustrators you can count on if you look for the best for your project. Born and raised in Rome, Italy, she graduated from Central Saint Martins in London. She interned in London at an advertising agency and later continued with freelance, creating illustrations for private individuals and businesses.





The fashion illustrator is also good at video edits, face filters, fonts, and animations. While pursuing education, she produced a short film as her thesis. Some of the clients who have worked with Florenza include EBR Rita Levi-Montalcini Foundation and Taco Bell UK. Florenza is more passionate about visual arts and more willing to make your fashion illustration project a success.


3 – Gaston Alejandro Gonzalez

If you are looking for one of the best illustrators to hire, you can find solace in Gaston. He is an illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and passionate about graphic design, music, and caricatures.





Gaston studied graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires. He enjoys illustration through various angles like digital collage, vector illustration and illustrating through material pieces.
Gaston enjoys singing, playing the guitar and never leaves a book behind. You can have your fashion illustration project handled with one of the best in the industry by bringing him on board.


Final Thoughts

The world of fashion is never complete without fashion illustrators coming into play. If you love fashion that much and you are looking forward to some project this year, you should hire the best illustrators we have listed here.

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