August 22, 2019

Self Love and Lingerie.

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Self Love

We hear about it all the time but do we really know what it means to love ourselves? When I was approached by Wonderbra recently and asked to create some content featuring their new backless bra, it seemed like the perfect time to pull this post out of my draft folder and finally finish and publish it – because I think lingerie is the best accompaniment to the discussion of self love.

There’s a strange feeling that comes with getting older which is almost an acceptance of who you are. A kind of realisation that regardless of how we look – it’s what’s inside that really matters. This year was the official beginning of my late twenties (or the end of my mid twenties depending on how you look at it) and as thirty approaches, I’m determined to enter a new stage of life with the full acceptance and understanding of my body. Because that is what self love is about. It’s acknowledging who you are and what makes you amazing, without feeling the need to change or improve yourself to feel ‘good enough’. It’s about looking in the mirror and liking the person staring back at you, and treating yourself with the same kindness and compassion that you give to other people. It’s learning that loving ourselves is the central point of our lives being happy.. as cheesy as that sounds.

In the words of Ru Paul – “If you can’t love yourself, how in the world are you going to love somebody else?” 

Yes, I really did throw a Ru Paul quote in there because watching five seasons of Drag Race really makes you remember that saying.

I’m a strong believer that an outfit can boost your confidence and that is true for lingerie too. Wonderbra focuses on functional lingerie but also making it beautiful. They have a wide range of styles to aid with all kinds of tricky clothing situations and the backless bra is new to the ever growing range of styles. The bra is made in staple colours of nude and black with a super soft longline design. The back is the same as a normal bra, but with a fastening closer to the waist and straps which sit further apart so they are hidden with all backless styles. I have to admit, its one of the most comfortable bras that I own and supports my boobs as well as letting me wear backless designs without the worry being sans-bra. I’m not the most confident going bra-less so this was a true test for me.

I wanted to feature the bra as naturally as possible as we all know I am not the most dressy, glamorous girl so I decided to find two of my trickiest backless clothing items to show the bra at its full potential. The first being a jumpsuit which is not only backless, but loose fitting so bra options are harder to hide and the second is a tie back top with thin ties and very little fabric to hide a bra strap with. The bra made me feel confident in each outfit because not only did it support me comfortably but the bra was completely hidden so I didn’t have the added worry of wondering if you could see it.

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Since discovering Wonderbra, I’ve taken a serious look at my lingerie drawer and ditched any bras and knickers which don’t make me feel confident and its funny how many undies have vacated the stash. I’m not saying that lingerie is the beginning and end point of self love, but finding options that fit well and flatter your shape is a great step in the right direction.

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