June 17, 2019

What To Wear To Be Respectful, But Stylish in Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech outfit ideas

Whether you’re wondering what to wear on a trip to Marrakech or just browsing for some holiday travel inspiration – you’ve come to the right place.. I hope!

Morocco is one of the most beautiful, instagram worthy locations in the world but there is also a majority Muslim population. You don’t have to cover up because the locals are understanding of the western culture, but if you want to be respectful then there’s a few style rules like covering shoulders and wearing dresses below the knee, etc.

You’re probably wondering why every instagram pic seems to be someone in a cute summer dress or bikini by a pool.. and I honestly didn’t question the dress code until I looked on Pinterest for some Inspo. The most typical accommodation is Riads or retreats, which is where the western dress is more acceptable. I stayed in a beautiful retreat on the outskirts of Marrakech with grounds that went on for miles, overlooking the Atlas Mountains, and our group filled the retreat so the dress code was more relaxed.. although we obviously didn’t go topless or anything.

souks marrakech, copper garden
marrakech outfit rules, copper garden

I’m making it sound like you need to buy loads of new outfits but I promise that isn’t the case.. unless you want a vacation wardrobe which I’d be totally on board with! Just think about where you’re staying and how much you’ll be out exploring, then pack accordingly..

Inside our retreat, you could be anywhere in the world. I wore a mixture of bandeau jumpsuits, shorter dresses and swimwear. Exploring the Souks is quite a sensory overload, with overly confident locals trying to coax you into their stalls. I’d heard that the men are quite intense with women (especially blondes) but we got called Spice Girls or some variation of ‘sexy ladies’ more times than I could count. It’s all harmless, just more reason to cover up so it happens less. Remember that these locals don’t see girls in tiny shorts or with a cleavage very often so it’s bound to attract some attention.

marrakech outfit guidelines, copper garden
Souks of marrakech, copper garden
copper garden,respectful outfit marrakechDinner outfit marrakech, copper garden

what to wear in marrakech
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