March 21, 2019

10 Locations in Paris for the Best Instagram Pictures.

paris balcony

Did you even go on holiday if you didn’t take pictures? Whether you’re an influencer or not, everyone gets their camera out to post envy-inducing pictures on social media. As a generation, we’re all obsessed with instagram. Whenever I go on a trip, my social media is filled with inspiration boards with tourist spots, places to eat and of course – the places to get the best Instagram snaps!

Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world and every corner provides a new photo opportunity, so the fact I’ve never posted a city guide is shocking but it gives me even more ammo for this post.

So here you go, ten of the best places to shoot if you’re in Paris:

eiffel tower from above

Up the Eiffel Tower
There are so many ways to get pictures with/on the Eiffel Tower and it depends where you are. I’ve got a few different locations for you featuring the Parisian landmark, but the first involves going up! Tickets are around £20-30 and I recommend going up before 10am to avoid crowds. My favourite shot is inspired by the classic ‘top of the rock’ picture in New York, from above with the views!

eiffel tower instagram shotscopper garden, paris instagram guide

Rue de l’Universitie
If you’ve browsed Paris inspiration, you’ve probably seen this road a million times. Its the most instagrammed road in Paris and nobody ever shares the location, which baffles me! It gives you the ‘Eiffel Tower between buildings’ shot and gets really busy around lunchtime but if you go before 10am then its usually empty.

trocadero eiffel tower inspo

Trocadero steps
One of the classic Eiffel Tower shots is from the museum steps. There are hundreds of ways to shoot and its always crazy busy but if you catch it at the right time (or right angle) then its great. One of my favourite shots is sat on the sloped ledge with the tower behind. I shot this one at golden hour so the lighting is incredible and pretty free of tourists.

paris instagram location, copper garden

Avenue de Camoens
A complete hidden gem tucked about 5 mins from the Trocadero with literally nobody there. Its a great way to get a more ‘fashion’ shot of the Eiffel Tower! If you use this one, let me know because I’d love to see other peoples way of shooting there!

pink mama Paris, copper garden

Pink Mamma restaurant
Everyone and their wife seems to visit this restaurant for the stairs shot, but its also worth a visit for the food alone. The pink mamma staff are really friendly and if you book an early lunch (around 11am) then its pretty empty for snaps!

paris balcony

Hotel balcony 
Did you even go to Paris if you didn’t book a hotel with a balcony just for that view? We stayed in the La Comtesse and its honestly the most instagrammable view ever..

instagram louvre

The Louvre
Another ‘must see’ part of Paris is the Louvre. Whether its the classic ‘glass pyramid’ shot or the checkerboard which I’ve never actually shot at – the Louvre is so instagrammable. Again, always filled with tourists but if you go before 10am then its usually free for pictures!

cafe marly blogger

Cafe Marly
This restaurant is inside the Louvre, overlooking the glass pyramids with the best espresso ever. We went here after seeing it on a few other Instagram profiles and it didn’t disappoint!

Montmartre market, paris instagram guide

Montmatre market
Slightly different kind of shot, but if you’re looking for the Parisian market vibe then Montmatre is the one. Its a cute little artists market tucked behind the Sacre Coeur and worthy of a browse, if not a picture.

copper garden, paris-15

Right in the heart of Pigalle, this Photo Booth is built into a wall and honestly so hidden from view. Its infamous for having various celebs use it over time – and still prints the retro style that we all love!

So there we have it, ten places to take some of the best snaps in Paris! I’m already planning my next trip, but if you fancy a browse at some of my previous adventures – here is my vlogs from the city:

instagram locations paris

instagram locations paris

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