October 28, 2018

What I Wore In Bilbao.

copper garden, topshop girls

I packed for Bilbao into a carry-on suitcase which was quite a challenge given the fact that Europe is having quite the weather mix up right now. Is it going to be sunny but freezing? borderline monsoon? temperature reaching ‘Monica in humidity’ status? Hard enough with your entire wardrobe to choose from, but even harder when you’re having to decide the limited items for your cabin bag.

Our trip was only four days long but naturally, I packed enough to change three or four times per day. As it was a surprise trip (we didn’t know the destination until we got to the airport), I added layers just incase I needed them but also – the summer wardrobe essentials too.

But I made it work and thought I’d give you a little overview of my outfits in the beautiful Bilbao (theres a video version too if you’re interested)..

Day One:
The Statement Blazer
copper garden, bilbao outfitscopper garden, city break outfit inspiration bilbao outfits, copper garden

Day Two:
The Striped Jumpercopper garden, bilbao outfit day two

Day Three:
The Bikinicopper garden, bikini shot

Day Three
The Leopard Dresscopper garden, zara leopard dresscopper garden, zara leopard dress aw18

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