August 9, 2018

How I Keep My Travel Wardrobe ‘Ready To Go’.

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Lets be honest – packing is the most essential part of any trip and washing those key pieces is just as important. If you’re anything like me, packing is stressful. I pack, unpack, repack and switch out my suitcase so many times even if I’m only going for a weekend. I guess I just like options, okay? haha. 

As I’ve been traveling around quite a bit lately, it only seemed fitting to chat a little about my travel wardrobe. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to packing. I guess it comes from repacking so many times a year between trips with little time between. But on Instagram you might have noticed that I tend to pack the same few bits on repeat and have a pretty ‘capsule’ essential packing selection. Naturally I end up taking a few new-in pieces, but there is always the essential few bits that come to every country with me like a black swimsuit, white tee, oversized cardigan, denim jacket, etc..

The three absolute essentials are as follows..

A linen dress; Perfect for day or evening. Dresses are the easiest thing to pack because its a one piece outfit and takes up next to no space. They are so versatile that I pack one and wear it most of the trip.

A classic shirt; It just goes with everything doesn’t it? Whether I wear it over a bikini, tucked into shorts or tied over a summer dress. Mine is actually an Abercrombie and Fitch mens shirt because I prefer the more classic, loose fit.

Skinny jeans; I usually wear jeans to the airport and for the occasional day. They are like my easy comfort and you really can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans.

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But rather than just going through my whole packing essentials (let me know if you’d like to see this), I thought I’d talk about my speedy washing tips. Whether you’re emptying the suitcase into the washing machine post trip, or off on another adventure within days or hours.

Laundry for me is always a situation that needs to be effective and convenient. There is nothing worse than coming home from a trip and seeing an overflowing washing basket for days on end (or piles of clothes waiting to be ironed and put away). As soon as possible, I throw everything into the washing machine on a 30 degree, trying to get through the pile as quickly as possible so I can iron and re-pack or put away. Its honestly the best way that you could do it, because it takes away the effort of avoiding unpacking, and it means that the clothes are back and ready to wear.

persil triple power powercaps review

Persil asked me to test their new Triple Powers powercaps to see if they’d help speed up my laundry. So for the past week, between festivals and trips, I’ve been trying out the powercaps for my endless loads. The Triple Powers powercaps are part of the ‘Ultimate’ range at Persil. They work to remove stains, care for the fabric and freshen up your clothing. I have personally used powercaps for years because they are so convenient and quick to just throw into the machine with my clothes.

Personally, I find the Triple Powers powercaps to be the easiest solution for my busy lifestyle and I don’t think I’ll be using anything else again. They get all of my travel stains out as well as keeping my clothes smelling and looking great. And we all know how important that is if you’re not staying in one place for long!

I really recommend trying them for yourself and if you fancied a go, Persil are holding a competition to win a travel outfit and a years supply of the triple powers power cap by heading to their website.

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