July 29, 2018

An Urban Picnic With Robinsons Refresh’d.

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London is a pretty big city, with plenty of unexplored corners amongst all of the blogger and tourist hotspots. I’ve been lucky enough to live here for the past year and explore as much as possible, letting myself be part of the ever-changing rat race. However as much as I love being in the fast-paced city, sometimes it’s nice to find a little quiet corner to enjoy time with friends (or alone) and pretend you’re somewhere else. Essentially, having the best of both worlds without going too far!

On-the-go drink Robinsons Refresh’d challenged me to find a lesser known spot in the city to enjoy a picnic with friends and I chose Black Heath common. Its just outside of Greenwich with lots of open space and greenery, perfect for escaping the city for a while. I’m surprised more people don’t know about it because it’s such a gem! Black Heath has all the charm of a little country town despite still being in zone 3 and its somewhere I’m lucky enough to be able to visit easily.

I don’t think you can really appreciate the countryside until you’ve experienced life in a busy city – or at least not in the same way. So last week, myself and a few friends decided to grab our picnic blankets and snacks to go and enjoy a day together in the sunshine.

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What better way to celebrate summer than with a picnic? It’s an excuse to lie in the sun with friends, listen to music and enjoy good food. Of course, it wouldn’t be a picnic without the edibles because food and drink are the essential base of a great time with friends, right? I brought along my favourite Refresh’d juice drinks from Robinsons and enough party food to feed a small army including the classic sausage rolls, strawberries and other treats. The Refresh’d drinks are a mix of real fruit juice and spring water with three flavours – my favourite being the new orange and passionfruit. I actually pick these up most days when I’m going between meetings because they are so refreshing and delicious. They went down a treat with my friends too. There is just something about a fruity drink that screams Summer, isn’t there?

robinsons refreshd picniclondon hidden picnic spots

Robinsons Refresh’d come in three flavours; apple and kiwi, raspberry and apple, orange and passionfruit. They cost £1.29 for a 500ml bottle and can be brought as part of many high street meal deals (perfect for your lunch break or a quick picnic with friends). Each bottle contains 100% naturally sourced ingredients, simply real fruit and no added sugar.

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