May 10, 2018

My Virtual Suitcase For Three Weeks In South Africa.

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I know what you’re thinking.. bloomin’ heck Jess is off to South Africa again?!?!

Yes, yes I am. But this time its for a bigger adventure than before. We’re going to be driving 13 hours from Johannesburg to Cape Town to spend a week there doing tons of cool adventurous things we didn’t do before. Then back to Johannesburg for two weeks in the mountains with our good friend Sam. I promise you that this trip will be much better than any we’ve previously done to South Africa and I’m already so so excited!

I’ve decided to give you a ‘virtual wardrobe’ instead of the usual packing video because I think its much easier to shop. So if you see a picture on the ‘gram, an outfit in my vlogs or anywhere else online.. then you can refer back to here and shop everything from one space. Simple!


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