March 11, 2018

Style Lessons I Learnt From My Mother.

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Meet my mum, Maggie.

The woman who gave me the crazy love for a cup of tea, unique laugh, sense of humour and inability to stop talking – but also gave me a sense of style.

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When I was growing up, I remember always being worried that Iʼd end up with my mums distinct laugh or cringe at some of her jokes – but both of these things are now traits of hers that make up a big part of who I am. And in all cliche, she is a big inspiration of mine. My mum has always worked hard and put herself first. Sheʼs been around the world living in a campervan for weeks at a time and even ran her first marathon in her fifties. Sheʼs basically a pint sized superwoman – but maybe Iʼm biased. As much as I eye roll when she tells me about her next adventure, Iʼm always proud that sheʼs chasing a life full of adventure and refusing to slow down (except to buy a new sofa and remodel the kitchen, because #hygge).

As a teenager, if youʼd told me that my Mum would become my best friend – I would never have believed you. It seemed alien to consider parents as friends and not a strict authority figure. My mum and I have always had a really open relationship, though. My antics either send her into fits of laughter or the classic ‘oh jesssssʼ eye roll. Now that Iʼm in my twenties, weʼve definitely become more like friends than mother and daughter.

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One of the biggest things Iʼve picked up from my mum over the years is her style.. which needs a little explanation! I wouldnʼt say we agreed much on outfit choices until my twenties when I discovered more about my personal style. As a child, I was such a tomboy and refused to wear dresses.. much to my mums disappointment. There is photo evidence of me wearing full tracksuits while my little brother has a shirt and cords on – clearly the obedient child of the two because he always looked immaculate next to me and my sporty spice outfits and lions mane. But over the years I have realised the easy mix of masculine and feminine and with a little guidance from my mum, I wear dresses and don’t just stick to the jeans life.

You could say I was (and still am) a creature of habit much like my Mum. I dress for comfort, but style follows a close second. I remember growing up that sheʼd spend the weekends wearing buttoned up cardigans with mom jeans or oversized jumpers with stirrup leggings and trainers. Mum always looked like a poster lady for the classic nineties to noughties style – Princess Diana hair and all. She dressed comfortably, but always looked stylish too and its something she still does. Even getting ready to take these pictures was a constant back and forward to make sure her lipstick was right and her jeans looked okay with her boots.

I guess thats where I inherited my love for smart casuals, too I love my oversized knits and mom jeans, buttoned up cardigans and my outfits tend to be colourless for the most part with an echo of the previous era – oversized jumpers and chunky shoes galore. These pictures are a pretty true representation as we unintentionally dressed quite similarly. Both wearing a minimal jumper and jeans with a statement designer bag.

And as its Mothers Day, here is a little reminder to give the special woman in your life a call and tell them how much they mean to you. Iʼm lucky enough to have three Mother figures – my Mum, Grandma and Auntie. They always push me towards my dreams, give me style tips and help me without question whether they agree with my decisions or not.. they are also the passers-down of the ‘wardrobe so overflowing you need four’ which I definitely can’t complain about.

What I’m Wearing
Roll Neck Jumper // Weekday via Zalando
Cross Body Bag // Moschino via Zalando

What Mums Wearing
Cashmere Jumper // Selected Femme via Zalando
Black Cross Body Bag // Ted Baker via Zalando


style lessons from my mum, copper gardencopper garden mum, style tips from my mum

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  1. Lauren says:

    Love this post! It is so lovely that you have a close relationship with your mum and that she has passed some of her traits onto you

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