December 27, 2017

Is It The Algorithm, Or Do You Not Like Me? An Instagram Debate.

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I’ve spent weeks feeling like such a moaning myrtle and feeling sorry for myself and the cause is genuinely a social media app. Ridiculous isn’t it. It might sound like a giant millennial moan but with the nature of my job, it’s difficult not to get sucked into the numbers game (or the instagram algorithm) and feel as though nobody likes you because of a few numbers on a phone screen.

Instagram is quite a touchy spot for bloggers at the moment with instagram algorithm and other factors messing with follower engagement (and ultimately, our business). It sometimes feels like an endless battle when your quality improve and you’re actively being nice to others but see no real ‘reward’ from something that used to give you a sense of instant gratification.

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Now as someone that struggles with the opinion of others, I find it really difficult to remember that the apps new features aren’t always in my favour. It’s often that I can post an image and receive no likes or comments, but it’s equally likely to get a lot of both. Now without sounding like a complete turnip, when I get low engagement I actually blame myself. I critique my personality, how I look, the image quality and even wonder if it’s because I’m not stylish enough. The most stupid of things!

I struggle with differentiating between the instagram algorithm messing up my engagement and people genuinely just not liking who I am. It can be emotionally draining to fight my own brain and convince myself that I shouldn’t care or that it isn’t personal but sometimes it can take it’s toll and put me off for months.

It actually makes me worried for future generations too, they’ve grown up being absorbed with social media that it’s become another factor to make teenage years harder. Not only are you broadcast to the school, but the world too. Imagine the blue mascara days with high school bullies that followed you home further than just msn on the computer!? And feeling like your brows should be perfect and your school bag should be designer. It’s a whole new ball park of difficult.

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But anyway, back to blogging. From speaking to other bloggers, I’ve realised that I’m not the only one that feels this way. The algorithm makes everything difficult, even more so when it comes to posting ‘ad’ and worrying that the brand will be disappointed in the likes generated.

But to put a positive spin on this whole post, I’ve recently realised that it isn’t me. It isn’t my outfits or my image quality or even my likability a person. Instagram algorithm is just making things a little more difficult than before and we’ve got to adapt to the change.

I’m going to keep posting what I love and not change a thing for anyone (especially not Instagram) and hope you see what I’m sharing. If you want to keep constantly in the loop with my almost daily snaps, you can always click the three little dots at the top right of my profile to turn my notifications on. That way, whenever I upload there will be a little reminder so you don’t miss it. Of course – this is completely up to you because it can get a bit much if you do it for several of your favourite accounts!

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3 responses to “Is It The Algorithm, Or Do You Not Like Me? An Instagram Debate.”

  1. Beth says:

    I totally agree with this Jess, I know I don’t do it as a job but it can still be pretty deflating! Just no it’s definitely not your images or personality, both are shining! One day we’ll figure out how to properly play the algorithm game! xx

  2. Lisa Autumn says:

    Girl I can relate so much but all I can say is that the problem is definitely not you! Your posts are always so stunning!

    xx Lisa |

  3. Josie says:

    Well put Jess, I can imagine it must make it so much more difficult for you to do your job with this new algorithm and I can totally understand how demotivating it must feel to not be consistent in your stats. All I can say is that I adore all your photos, your style, personality and photography is so me and I love it! So keep going and just know that you’re brilliant and beautiful and all your hard work will pay off!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

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