November 3, 2017

Look Better, Feel Better.

copper garden, duck and dry salon review

If you follow quite a few UK instagrammers like I do, you might have noticed the blow-dry favourites Duck & Dry appearing quite a lot over the past few months. Wellll, your gal over here got a chance to pop in for a little pamper not long ago so it only seemed fair to share it with you. You’ll definitely want to pop down yourself!

Duck & Dry has a few bars around the city but I headed to Oxford Circus, located behind Urban Outfitters. Its super easy to get to from the tube if you’re in a rush. Within the salon you can get everything including blow drys, nails and make-up (and a cheeky Prosecco from their bar if you feel a little fancy).

Copper Garden_ proactive campaign-5copper garden, proactive influencer, Jessica Sheppard

I got my hair blown-out on this occasion and went for a subtle ‘done but undone’ blowdry rather than curls. My hair was fairly straight but with some shape and volume – because nothing is better than giving hair a little life. My nails were also painted a deep navy.. the perfect shade for the season.

The salon is laid out really nicely with lots of natural light to keep the space bright. There are plants everywhere and weeeell you can see from the pictures how instagrammable it is! The prices are also affordable with the Naild’it nail bar offering everything from a manicure to chrome effect for under £45.

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The trip to Duck & Dry was part of my ‘journey to better skin’ with ProActiv+, focusing around the idea of making us look and feel better. Since my first meeting with the team, my skin has gotten way worse before improving. To look the best its been in a long time. I still get the odd blemish but its nothing like the breakouts that used to be regular.

I had another chat with Laura the dermatologist. We agreed that my skin has improved but added a couple of products and new tips to my routine. For example, taking omega 3 and iron tablets in the morning and focusing more on hydrating my skin. You can check my previous post for the products I already had in my routine. I have now added the retexturing toner and mark fading pads. These will improve my skin tone and help to soothe blemish scars.

Anddd, here are my before and during pictures taken 6 weeks apart. I have been using the ProActiv+ products consistently as well as updating various parts of my lifestyle and diet. You can see the improvement yourself! My final few weeks of this trial are sure to be good ones! I’m hoping that by the time I head to South Africa for Christmas – my skin is perfectly clear and my bare-faced confidence is at an all time high.

copper garden, Jessica Sheppard, duck and dry salon

Special thanks to Adrian Stanley for the imagery on this one.

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  1. I love how your hair looks after the blow-dry! I’ve been thinking of trying Proactiv for a while now, it sounds really effective! x

  2. Lisa Autumn says:

    I totally love this series girl! Na your hair… goals!

    xx Lisa |

  3. Josie says:

    Damn I need to get myself here, what a gorgeous place! And post travelling I could most definitely do with a blow-dry and manicure!! Your hair is looking lovely and I’m glad you’re feeling better in your skin! I had a go with Proactiv a while ago but it didn’t really agree with me, but luckily my skin is in a good way at the moment and it has absolutely done wonders for my confidence!

    Daughter of An Air Hostess // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

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