November 29, 2017

Why Instagram Stories Are My Latest Addiction.

copper garden, london street style

I’ve got an instagram stories addiction and we need to discuss it.

Also.. you got me.

These pictures were taken around a fortnight ago when the weather wasn’t so arctic and bare legs were still a regular feature. Goodbye for now my tanned pins, you’ll be missed.

But as much as I want to sit and discuss bare leg season and the wasted self tan sessions to keep my legs bronze for ‘just incase’ – this post is actually about my new found love for Instagram stories and the impact they’ve had on my app usage around the board.

copper garden, high street winter style

Stories is the best feature in my phone right now. Literally my most used and viewed thing of the moment. I love being able to give a little more of myself to my perfectly curated feed. Sharing little snippets of my life and my musings with anyone that chooses to view. Whether its a picture of my outfit for the day, boomerang of a new bag or even videos from a late night ramble – it all goes in my story.

Its crazy how invested we are in others lives now, isn’t it? We just love checking up on each other as much as possible which is a far cry from our parents who lived most of their adult lives without so much as a camera phone. Social media is here to stay and we keep getting connected in as many ways as possible. Which is where the instagram stories addiction steps in.

I guess its the creative freedom to share mini snapshots of our lives with such ease. Essentially giving a little update whenever we feel like sharing or viewing one. I personally never used Snapchat much because it just added another app of my endless list to browse each day. But as soon as a similar feature appeared in Instagram – it allowed me to do more with an app I’m already using hundreds of times a day and expanding my possibilities with it. Basically, giving more regular updates from myself to one audience (whether five or five thousand are viewing).

copper garden, jessica sheppard

And I could honestly spend hours browsing other peoples stories, too. Its nice to see how differently we all post, share and create. I like that no two stories are the same. No two people giving the same creative flare with emojis, drawing or text and because I follow a fair few travel accounts – its giving me a taste of places that I need to go to in the future as well as the obvious fashion inspo!

More recently, I’ve been loving using my story as an alternative to my weekly vlogs. The two don’t really compare with one lasting 24hrs and one remaining on youtube for eternity but I quite like that. I like that my ‘vlogging’ is easier to view and you can dip in and out as you like but ultimately less is being shared than before.

What do you think of instagram stories? Do you have an instagram stories addiction? Are you a glance now and then, or a constant browser? I’m intrigued!

copper garden, instagram stories vlogging

What I’m Wearing
Leather and Suede Jacket by All Saints*
Ribbon Knit Jumper by Missguided*
Check Skirt by Topshop
Western Inspired Boots by Boohoo*

Photography and Edits by Adrian Stanley.

PS – I’m currently writing this on the flight and about to take my makeup off so I can document the process in my story. Scheduling it all to go live as soon as I’ve got wifi the other end. Yuuuuup, life of a blogger.

PPS – I’m only 1.5hrs into a 11hr flight and hoping to write at least another five posts while I’m finding myself comical.. someone has to laugh at their own jokes, right??

copper garden, boohoo western boots

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2 responses to “Why Instagram Stories Are My Latest Addiction.”

  1. Ellie says:

    I love making use of instagram stories! I feel like they are such an organic way to connect with my followers

    Ellie xx

  2. Frances says:

    I love instagram stories too! I know a lot of people say they prefer snapchat but it is honestly so great having it all in one place! I could watch them for hours, in fact I do! It’s a lot to keep up with everyone’s that is the only thing xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion & Lifestyle

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