October 27, 2017

Bare Faced Confidence.

copper garden, bare faced confidence

Why is it that as girls, we struggle with embracing our natural beauty with bare faced confidence? I don’t wear a lot of make-up but the idea of being completely bare faced is daunting and I think a lot of you are with me on that. Maybe its the generation we live in. Our lives are almost entirely online! Or maybe its just that we prefer to add make-up to boost our confidence. So for today, I decided that my focus should be on stripping it back to nothing but my make-up free face, in HD, on the internet.

Over the last few months, my skin has become a priority because not only do I want to be blemish free but the anti-ageing products need to step in too. I know I’m only 25 but lets be honest – anti-ageing products are to prevent ageing before it starts, not once the wrinkles come in. You can check out the first part of my ‘journey to better skin’ for a full back story but for right now, its all about focusing on improving confidence when it comes to a naked face whether its blemishes, dark circles or dullness that you dislike.

copper garden, confidence without makeup

The first thing I’ve actively changed is drinking more water because no matter how many products you put on the outside, its the nutrients and goodness inside that really matter. I’m awful for drinking endless cups of coffee but when it comes to the good stuff, it seems to completely bypass my mind. Water is a miracle worker for a few reasons but it helps to give skin a little brightness, redness, hydration andddd helping to reduce the look of fatigue. Even with three days of upping my water intake -my skin is already looking better!

In a kind of similar realm now that we have mentioned fatigue, getting enough sleep is vital to keeping skin looking healthy and bright. We all know that a lack of sleep can give us serious under eye issues whether its from nights out or all-nighters for uni deadlines. It goes without saying that 7-8 hours of sleep a night will keep your body well rested but its also great for reducing the dark circles and stopping you from being grouchy in the afternoon (can’t just be me on this one..).

As for skincare products, I’m a bit of a newbie and haven’t really tested around but I think I’ve found a routine that will stick. I’m currently using a range of ProActiv+ products integrated alongside Garnier Micellar water for make-up removal and a Vichy hydration mask twice weekly for a little boost. Other than that, ProActiv+ has taken over the bathroom shelf. The 3-step core system and eye brightening serum are firm favourites. Since using the products, my skin is noticeably clearer with the serum helping to reduce puffiness and brighten my eyes (so I actually look more awake without mascara). If you check the image at the end of this post, you can see my skin now compared to a few weeks ago.

Lastly – try and keep stress at bay. I know its difficult if you’re a stress addict like me but stress is one of the main causes of blemished, wrinkles and overall facial tiredness (no that isn’t a real phrase). Whether its getting at least 8hrs of sleep a night or focusing on time management, focus on positivity and avoid stress where possible. It definitely helps the bare faced confidence if you’re less stresses andddd it would save time in the morning if we didn’t need makeup!

copper garden, jessica sheppard, bare faced confidence

Now I know these aren’t the only things to help skin look its best. These are ones that I am personally implementing. If you have any to add then please use the comments. Sharing is caring on a journey to the bare faced confidence we should all have!

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  1. JokiJohanna says:

    For me it’s not hard to go out without any makeup, but having it on makes me feel far more confident and comfortable. I get blemishes and breakouts very easily and I have a very distinctive birthmark on my cheek which people tend to not notice but it’s still there. It doesn’t necessarily bother me but i find even skintone on myself more pretty which is this society’s standard and which I think I should also advocate against but then again at this moment it’s more easy for me to just slap on some makeup.

    I think at this moment it’s what feels best for you the thing you should do whether it’s a complete bareface or a full-on makeup look. It’s up to the person 😀


  2. Anika May says:

    I’ve started wearing a lot less makeup, so I don’t feel as rubbish without it, really helps! But water and sleep are key for me too!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  3. lau says:

    nice post! I love micellar water as makeup remover


  4. Lisa Autumn says:

    I think I have become more confident without makeup over the years.. I remember just five years back I would NEVER leave the house without.. now it totally depends on my mood 🙂

    xx Lisa | lisaautumn.com

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