October 22, 2017

Trying To Love The Baker Boy Trend.

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Hats are something you either suit, or you don’t. You know sometimes you see a girl that just suits every style? Beanie, cap, floppy, baker boy.. you name it and she suits it. I want to be that girl.

The baker boy hat used to remind of Peaky Blinders or Victorian guys in the mines (I can’t be the only one that loved looking at the pictures rather than listening in History class?!). But recently the baker boy hat become a style that we’re all wearing and one that can take an outfit from a solid 5 to an 8/10. Its kind of like a replacement for the fedora which has been exhausted over previous seasons.

copper garden, autumn style, baker boy trend

copper garden, velvet Gucci dupe bag, missguided gucci dupe bag

Now this particular baker boy hat comes from Amazon with a leather strap buckled around the front and a really cosy fleece lining. I have to admit, I really want a wool version (like this one from Topshop) but the fabric of this one is great for looking a little more casual. It works really well with a simple outfit like this one and I’m a bit hooked.

I’ll be honest, this bare leg addiction of mine is going to have to die down soon. I have kept it going for as long as possible but today was pretty cold. I tried to keep it alive for a little longer with this fleece dress but we’ll see as it cools down. Its from Missguided and gives the perfect nod to the jumper trend without being too chunky. Bonus feature? I can wear it under my leather jacket.. something which is so impossible with most knitwear. I’m seriously hoping that I can get more life from it, even with tights, because I’m not ready to let go!

copper garden, jessica sheppard, autumn outfit, missguided style, baker boy trend

What I’m Wearing
Baker Boy Hat: Amazon Fashion*
Leather Jacket: All Saints
Fleece Jumper Dress: Missguided
Navy Quilted Bag: Missguided
Frill Detail Boots: Ego

Liking some of this outfit? Theres a new video on my channel sharing my top picks from Missguided for AW17..

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  1. Frances says:

    You suit the baker boy hat so well! I’m envious of everyone I see pulling them off, they definitely do elevate your outfit massively! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Fashion Beauty Lifestyle

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