September 28, 2017

All Black Gym Clothing | Keeping it Capsule.

This is kind of a stripped back outfit post.. for your gym wardrobe so listen up fellow 'I buy more gym clothes than I need' gals because you'll love this one..

'Mostly black with a hint of grey or white' is pretty much my style summed up. I'm a creature of habit and rarely venture into the realm of colour, even in the gym. I love keeping to the monochrome spectrum because there is nothing worse than owning 3 specific gym outfits that don't work together – much rather own a few pieces that can be interchanged.

Now I'm not a fitness fanatic but I love working out and keeping myself healthy. The buzz from aching muscles and endorphin rush are worth the early start or tough session. I might be alone in this, you might not agree but whether you're a part-time cardio gal or love lifting weights.. you'll want to know more about Under Armour .

First and foremost I have to talk to you about leggings. Arguably the most important part of my gym kit. I originally owned some Under Armour cotton blend 'favourite' leggings which are great for workouts and lounge-around days but decided on these printed ones for the gym kit update. They have an all-black print with a slimming high waist and a fabric that helps to keep your body at the right temperature – fitting like a glove around my butt, waist and legs.

Alongside these, I have the classic black tee in an upgraded workout-appropriate fabric. I have always opted for vests in the past due to fear of sweat marks but the breathable fabric is such a great piece of mind. It also goes with everything and means if I'm being lazy, I can just chuck on a pair of jeans and call it an outfit for the rest of the day!

Now for footwear, I like to stick to one pair of 'gym trainers' and several 'everyday trainers'. If I can fit all of my workout needs in one pair then I will and luckily these fit the bill. The Charged Bandit 3 trainers are lightweight, flexible and suuuuper comfortable. I wore them for a weight to cardio session last week and my feet thanked me, walking away unharmed. To be honest I could talk about them all day.

If you'd like me to do a little 'capsule gym wardrobe' content then I'd be happy to. I love seeing the insides of someones gym drawer possibly more than a regular wardrobe! Let me know..


What I'm Wearing (All Under Armour)
Black Heatgear SS T-shirt
High Waisted Fly-By Leggings
Charged Bandit 3 Trainers

Photography by Adrian Stanley.

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3 responses to “All Black Gym Clothing | Keeping it Capsule.”

  1. Beth says:

    I actually love the look of work out gear and all black looks amazing, I love under armour gear!

  2. Lottie says:

    The rose gold water bottle though! The fly by leggings look so comfortable.

  3. Lisa Autumn says:

    You look stunning Jess! My workout clothes also have to be black or grey.. always haha

    xx Lisa |

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