July 19, 2017

My Social Media Addiction: What I Learnt By Losing My Phone At Sea.

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Yep. You did read the title of this post right – I dropped my iPhone in the sea and I didn’t get it back. So I decided to tell you all about my social media addiction.

The story really needs to be explained in full because essentially it happened because of my never ending hunger (which makes the story more comical). So we’d come back from Dubrovnik after some shopping and sushi but of course, I was still hungry. In my bid to eat more I went onto the deck to rifle through a box for some food (red pepper sauce for dipping crisps in to be precise). It was around 11pm so I was using my iPhone as a torch until my grip slipped and I watched it fly off the boat and drift down into the deep waters of the marina. I don’t know why I assumed the phone would float but it definitely didn’t.

My first thought was obviously contacting everyone (mainly Adrian) because I was away from home but the second thought completely shocks me when I look back. I didn’t think about the pictures I’d lost or the fact I had to buy another phone – I thought about social media. I couldn’t comprehend how I’d last a week without checking Instagram or my emails and actually cried.. cried about it. How millenial of me!!

It sounds so stupid to sit here and tell you that I cried over a piece of technology, but thats the height of my social media addiction.. or was.

My brain genuinely couldn’t accept that I had lost my lifeline to the online world.



To put this in perspective for you, my life is 80% online. My job is online. Being a blogger heightens my use of social media, giving me a ‘reason’ to check in on Instagram or Twitter multiple times a day and feel a pang of sadness if my latest post hasn’t got enough likes (we’ll save that for another post). I sometimes get so emerged in the digital world that my life in the real one becomes a little lost.

Now I didn’t go without a phone per say because I did manage to install WhatsApp on my Kindle tablet. However, carrying that around all the time was a bit of a pain. The size, lack of wifi and speed meant that I didn’t really pick it up very often. It became more of a security blanket. For the week before I landed back in the UK, I knew I had the choice to use social media but I chose against it. Maybe this contributed to my little social media detox because I stepped away from my ‘phone’ a lot more.

I tried to appreciate the beauty of Croatia, engage fully in conversations and not focus my thoughts on whether my texts were being replied to. My Instagram wasn’t being updated as regularly but I didn’t care. I actually enjoyed not worrying about which picture to post next and the constant panic of missing a photo op.. and I actually didn’t miss it all that much!

I also felt a lot better about myself because I wasn’t seeing constant updates from bikini models or amazing photographers. I got sucked into thinking that I had to look a certain way to post bikini shots all the time until I realised that nobody gives a shit. I’d rather just post a bikini shot because I feel great than hold back because I don’t think I look great.

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I guess what I’m trying to say is that stepping away from social media by force made me appreciate life. I got more of a connection with the people around me. I grew in self confidence and had way more fun throwing myself into the sea and dancing in the bar.

The phone might be replaced but my social media addiction is staying away. There are certain times of the day when I refuse to touch my phone now. And the pressure to keep a perfect appearance online is becoming a distant memory.

I am still active on all forms of social media, just much more aware of it. If theres one thing you do this week, try and step away from your phone a little more, you’ll be surprised at how you feel.

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8 responses to “My Social Media Addiction: What I Learnt By Losing My Phone At Sea.”

  1. Lottie says:

    Honestly, I lost my phone two years ago on my birthday and cried!! You’re not alone, but it does make you think about it after about how attached you become!

  2. Lisa Autumn says:

    LOVED the post hun.. sometimes we need a little push in the right direction and maybe losing your phone was that push 🙂

    xx Lisa | lisaautumn.com

  3. So unlucky to lose your phone in the way you did! I really want to try going on a digital detox for a few days x


  4. Abigail says:

    It must have been so odd to be without social media for a while but I understand incredibly refreshing too. I love to take a step back from social media on vacation and I always feel so good about it. I am sorry you had to lose your phone though, that fucking sucks.

    Abigail Alice x

  5. Pam says:

    I went to Sardinia for a week and on the last few days, we stayed in a hotel with crappy wifi. It was forced detox and it felt great (after feeling very frustrated, to begin with). Sometimes, a detox is great to give you perspective!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. Sophie says:

    I would definitely cry if I dropped my phone in the sea too and I know a lot of people who also would so you’re definitely not alone on that front but well done you for limiting the social media use even after getting a new one…because the pressure to always be online feels huge, even for me with my tiny new blog. It’s pretty telling that after reading this my first thought was ‘I need to find an excuse to have a social media detox without actually having to lose my phone’ – an excuse?! My mind jumped straight to what situation I could be in that would mean it was okay if I didn’t post, rather than just thinking that I can make that choice for myself, which is actually ridiculous, but that’s social media addiction for sure. I think I need to decide on certain times of the day like you where the phone goes away completely. You look beaut as always btw! Sophie xxx


  7. I found this post so inspiring. I too have tried to step away from using my phone so much but I often find myself back on instagram within 5 minutes of imposing the ‘ban’! I have never wanted my phone to fall into the sea more than I do right now!!!

  8. I really love this post! I think we all need to lose our phone once in a while! I know what you mean about having basically your life on your phone and the panic and fear of losing it – and with blogging as your job it’s understandable how much social media is so linked in with your life and is so important. But it’s probably quite great that this has happened and has given you this little epiphany into appreciating life and not worrying too much about what people think on social media. I hope this continues for you and I’m glad you’re more relaxed about it now! (and also hope you’re having the best time travelling – you’ve definitely got your phone back now, I’m very jealous by all your stunning Barcelona pics!)

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

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