June 24, 2017

Travelling as a Fashion/Style Blogger.

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Its been quite a tough transition going from living at home with an ever-growing wardrobe filled with options, to a suitcase that has to remain under 23KGs. I’ll admit that over the past three months there has been a few times when my eyes have wandered. I’ve had to pull myself away from spending money but refrained to the delight of my bank balance. It actually meant that I discovered more outfit options using clothes that I already owned which gave me way more enjoyment every morning when I got dressed!

Before I left the UK, I tried to find other style bloggers who had also set off around the world on long trips and found it quite difficult. There aren’t many girls have left the comfort of home to take their fashion blog to go around the world! Thats why I felt the need to write this post. Its a kind of helping hand to anyone wanting to take the plunge while giving you an insight into the realities of having a fashion blog on the road. As much as it involves prancing round on pretty beaches, it can also be a challenge!

Let me start by telling you that finding good wifi in other countries can be quite a struggle. In the UK and America, we take for granted how reliable our internet actually is when you work online. I actually purchased a wifi dongle in South Africa (£180 for 200GB.. ugh) which has been quite a saviour. Having slower connections can make replying to emails and keeping up with the businessy side of a Blog quite difficult. Simple things like uploading YouTube videos and publishing blogposts had to be thought about days in advance.

This kind of leads on to my next point about carrying a laptop with you most of the time. To be honest, its something I do back home anyway! Whenever we’ve gone out for lunch or even just to explore somewhere cool, the MacBook usually comes along just incase I stumble upon a good wifi connection to upload or check emails.

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Now you’re probably thinking: ‘but are you getting collaborations still?’ And the answer is yes. In terms of paid collaborations, I’ll be honest that there has been a few less than before. Copper is still generating more of an income than my old full time job though which is amazing. With the gifting side of things, I’m trying to be a lot more selective because obviously I need to keep Copper Garden on trend and up to date – but I also need to think about how many things I’m leaving at my parents houses.

Okay, so that feeds perfectly into how I’m still finding new outfits to post with a lot less clothing than before. Instagram has been a big help in that. When I packed up in February, I only took items that went with a few other things so my outfit choices were at a maximum with minimum packed. I had several outfits in my mind for each item but social media helped inspire outfits that I hadn’t considered yet.

It also helps that despite outfits being the same things on rotation (black jeans I’m looking at you), I’m inundated with new locations to shoot in. Every look seems completely different which is a great change from wandering round the same town aimlessly looking for a new wall or street.

What I’m Wearing
Black Maxi Dress // River Island*

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  1. Wow, you’re looking gorgeous Jess! This dress and location is stunning (and love the lippy on you!) It’s really interesting to hear your side of things and I’ve found this really helpful. I’m packing up for travelling in August and haven’t given much of a plan as to how I’m going to keep my blog going and have barely even thought about packing my life up into a backpack!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

  2. Imogen says:

    I can totally relate being restricted when it comes to luggage, I end up packing my life away haha! You look absolutely stunning as usual girlie! Have the best time on your travels babe! Look forward to more of your travel posts and YouTube vids in the near future!



  3. Lottie says:

    Loving the maxi dress! And I definitely take Wifi for granted, some places when I travel to Devon are horrendous for a connection!

  4. I love this look babe it’s beautiful!! You should wear maxi dresses more often. Now you are back you can wear more new things haha

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