June 3, 2017

Classic Accessories For Summer 2017.

vivienne Westwood black handbag

Classic style;
def – “wardrobe staples. clothing that remains stylish throughout multiple seasons and becomes a timeless item”

Michael kors classic tote style vivienne Westwood belt, copper garden

How often do you buy into trends each season, only to banish the pieces to the back of your cupboard when something new comes along? A lot right!? Don’t get me wrong, I love fast-fashion as much as the next person but there is something so refreshing about classic accessories that remain timeless and work with each season!

I know what you’re thinking – timeless means investing in designer but that’s not always the case. You’ll be surprised to know that most of my classic accessories come from the high street. With a little love they last just as long! Granted that sometimes the quality is way better but even if you did want to splurge, there’s so many discounted websites around like BrandAlley and Best Secret.

capsule wardrobe accessoriesclassic timeless accessories

I feel like we have to talk about the bags first because they’re my latest addition and so beautiful. I’m a sucker for black and tan accessories (as you know from my outfit posts). They just go with everything and Vivienne Westwood always have great classics like this bag with its gold chains, unique shape and faux crocodile texture. It’s quite a statement but you guys know me with my plain wardrobe, any detail helps!

Secondly we have the Michael Kors ‘jetsetter’ tote – an absolute classic and I’m pretty sure it’s become my most used bag. The shape is really structured with subtle hardware and plenty of space for everyday essentials. It actually came from designer discount site BrandAlley and cost half retail price. The size is perfect as hand luggage and it literally fits my life inside – trust me, I’ve tried.

timeless classic designer accessories

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed the shoes too – how timeless are loafers!? I remember my mum wearing similar in the 90s! These primark dupes have lasted me since Autumn and have a lot of life yet. I feel like everyone owns a pair similar but it’s a trend that never fails!

The other pair from Hudson are more summer appropriate but could also work in cooler months (just maybe not the middle of winter). The weaved texture is a cute detail to draw me away from classic leathers and the tassel detail is really subtle.

hudson weaved womens loafers, copper gardentimeless style, designer collectionclassic accessories, copper garden

You might have noticed my gorgeous Vivienne Westwood belt too with the signature logo clasp and dark tan colouring. It’s great for styling with jeans or even wrapped round a dress as a statement. Oh, and it was another designer discount of mine from Tessuti (have you spotted a theme yet).

Finally my favourites – sunglasses. Covering a multitude of sins and staying as an essential in my handbag, no matter the weather. Let’s talk about the mirrored gold hexagonal RayBans first as they’re pretty much by babies. RayBan sunglasses are always such great quality and last so much longer than any other brand in my experience.

The round pair are the perfect dupe from Primark with the gold frames and minimal look. You’ve probably seen them a billion times but it’s worth a mention, right? I barely take them off so it’s definitely worth the money at only £2.

So that’s pretty much the beginning of my collection. You might notice them cropping up a lot more on Copper. Hopefully I’ll give you the inspiration to wear your own pieces more and invest into classics!

vivienne Westwood belt, copper gardendesigner dupe sunglasses, copper garden Side note: I wrote this on a plane with the biggest group of rowdy lads around me and it was bloody difficult.

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