May 19, 2017

An Instagrammers Guide to Cape Town.

instagram guide to Cape Town

Lets be honest, how often do you go on holiday and think about all the potential shots you can get? Whether you love the quirky architecture, the endless beaches or just love a good outfit post at a cliff-face – I’ve decided to give you an instagrammers guide to Cape Town.. you know, to help a gal out. There will probably be more of these for other places in future too so keep your eyes peeled!

Cape Town is actually one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa if you love a mixed atmosphere. There are so many variations from the hipster city centre to a more architectural waterfront, white sand beaches and even the odd mountain to climb. Its basically an Instagrammers heaven if you’re not looking for the white and blue Santorini vibe because theres just so much there. It kind of reminded me of (a hotter version of) London to be honest. Anyway, heres the lowdown on where you should go!

copper garden fashion travel blogger

I’ll start with the general one that is pretty much the whole city centre. Its great for street style shots with an urban kind of vibe. We found a few minimal, monochrome buildings to shoot around that worked really well an the graffiti can look great as a blurred backdrop. I quite liked all the dark greys and more industrial feel but theres pretty much something for everyone.

top of lions head view

The second place is slightly more of a challenge and involves climbing a mountain.. but its totally worth it! Lions Head is a must if you visit Cape Town and a fairly easy climb. The only issue is that your outfit choices up here need to be more adventure appropriate – but I’m sure the gymwear is worth it with the views. This image looks almost photoshopped but I promise that its barely even edited! I’d recommend heading up at night too, the sunset is incredible at the top.

best instagram Cape TownNext we have a coffee bar that screams Instagram named The Gin Bar. I actually mentioned it in a post recently discussing hidden gems of Cape Town and couldn’t resist throwing it in here too. The bar is almost made for bloggers with marble tables, lots of plants and a ‘courtyard in Italy’ vibe (the drinks are also really great).

muizenberg beach huts

Next is the more colourful parts: Muizenberg beach huts and Bo-Kaap‘s houses. Both are equally bright with a different style, Muizenberg is very multicoloured and rustic while Bo-Kaap is block, tropical colours in central Cape Town. Both locations speak for themselves with the vivid history behind the colours but try and visit on a weekday to avoid the tourist crowds. It isn’t hard to see why I fell in love with both (despite the stolen bag) and considering it’s free to go, I’d recommend visiting them.

copper garden instagram guide

Then lastly I wanted to share Chapmans Peak Drive, a winding road through the mountains with gorgeous views over the sea. We hopped on the wall outside the car for this picture but there is a viewpoint for the ‘best’ view of Hout Bay. I did attempt a jumping shot but my facial expression quickly killed any chance of that being published haha.

So thats pretty much my instagrammers guide to Cape Town, giving you my favourite spots to #getthegram. I tried to be quite diverse in the locations because sometimes its better to embrace the views and other times its nice to get the blogger shot of your coffee and camera – balance right!?

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  1. Peaches says:

    Loved this city guide! Cape town looks like an amazing place to visit x

  2. Michelle Hung says:

    Your pictures look insane! Love it x

  3. Zohra says:

    That gin bar looks like heaven! Wish they had one of those in London, I’d never leave ahah – gorgeous pictures btw


  4. Beautiful photos – I really want to visit Cape Town someday! x

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