May 1, 2017

Horse Riding On The Beach in Noordhoek | Bucket List Adventures.

horse riding noordhoek beach

Horse riding on Noordhoek beach is the one thing you definitely need to do if you visit.. and I know I say this about pretty much everything we’ve done but I’m serious. Just look at these pictures and its quite clear why – the beautiful blue sky and empty beach.. so relaxing and definitely something you can’t do in many places!

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Myself and Ellie spent quite a while browsing Google for the cheapest, longest ride that we could find and landed on Sleepy Hollow Riding School, situated right by the beach and offering a 2hr ride for only R530 (approx. £30) per person and you choose from three times of the day morning, midday or evening so we opted for 9AM – having a private ride with no-one else.

To be completely honest, I’ve got no experience on a horse. I’ve ridden maybe a handful of times in my life but the guide Lindel was amazing and talked me through the whole thing. My horse was Jedi, a lovely and gentle giant while Adrian and Ellie had bigger horses. The riding school chose the horses based on your experience and they’re always close by if you need them.

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So the general route we took is usually a wetland around Autumn time but due to the current drought, it was soft sand with stunning views for miles. The paths leading to the beach take a while but I actually found them really serene and when you finally get to the sea, its beautiful. In total I think we were on the beach front for an hour which allowed for some trotting and cantering around before a quick little photoshoot (bring a phone/camera in a secure rucksack).

On the whole experience, we barely saw another person and had the whole beach to ourselves which was lovely, giving us space to roam and lots of gorgeous picture opportunities. I’d definitely recommend giving this a go if you’re ever in Cape Town. It only takes up a little of your day, barely costs anything to do and its one of those experiences that you can’t relive!

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