April 5, 2017

Stripped Back Outfit Post.

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How often do you see a stripped back post talking about just the outfit nowadays? I think the blog world has become too much about article style content rather than just kicking it back to 2014 when we all loved chatting about our clothes and not much else.. anyone with me on this!? I miss the old blogging world where you’d give a few short sentences alongside some killer pictures against a bedroom wall or in your garden. Yep, I said it.

So heres a good ol’ outfit post, just like the old days.

I’m curious actually, do you guys miss the outfit posts?

copper garden, style travel blogger, summer outfit
summer outfits, copper garden, style travel blogger

To be honest, I’ll admit that this is the first ‘outfit post’ I’ve done in a while because this is probably the first time I’ve actually dressed up since arriving in South Africa. I didn’t pack much more than shorts and easy casual outfits in my suitcase due to it being a road trip but this dress slipped through the net. I always try to pack at least one maxi dress for those ‘just incase’ moments when something a little smarter is necessary like going out for cocktails or a fancy dinner.. but also appropriate for hitting the beach.

This dress was actually gifted to me by Swimwear365 which is probably the perfect place to have shopped for my ‘just incase dress’. I always tend to forget that they have lovely beachwear, holiday dresses and accessories alongside the swimwear and beachy brands always do summer clothing best!

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I decided to team the dress with a straw hat because nothing screams summer more than a lil’ straw. I paid around £4 in Primark and no matter how much its squashed into my suitcase, it pops back into shape and smartens up my style, part of me is thinking to get another colour too.. maybe black/tan because it would go really well with my bargain find sandals from Topshop (£40 down to £5 last summer and real leather.. winning)!

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What I’m Wearing

Straw Hat // Primark (similar)
Black Bandeau Maxi Dress // Swimwear365*
Tan Leather Lace Up Sandals // Topshop (similar)

summer trends for holiday 2017, south africa
copper garden, straw hat style 2017, trends for summer holidays
As its creeping into the warmer weather in the UK and I know a lot of people are jetting off to beautiful countries, heres a few of my ‘top picks’ for Spring/Summer dresses..

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