April 13, 2017

Three Hidden Bars & Restaurants In Cape Town | Recommended By Locals.

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Have you ever visited a city and remembered a certain meal or restaurant/bar enough to recommend it? Or feel nostalgic whenever you eat/drink said thing again? Discovering a new place is often best done through the mouth. No, not sexually as I know some of your brains will automatically assume but in terms of food and drink!

When you travel, its inevitable that you will need to eat out at least a few times but websites like TripAdvisor tend to offer the most popular options and not necessarily the hidden gems. While in Cape Town, I decided to speak to locals and discover the amazing independent restaurants and bars instead of the tourist, popular chains.

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The Gin Bar, Wale Street
What could be better than a bar full of gin, hidden from view? The Gin Bar a small little haven disguised in the back of Honest Chocolate Cafe in the heart of Cape Town city. The bar has a large gin selection at around £6 a drink with a very quaint, chilled out atmosphere. The courtyard is intimate and perfect for an evening catch up drink with friends. While we were there, people came and went so its seemingly popular but never noisy or crowded.

hidden food gems in Cape Town, copper garden
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Sexy Food, Bree Street
We actually came across this by watching one of Louis’ vlog from his time in Cape Town. Sexy Food is a health foods restaurant with lots of full-flavoured dishes and energising drinks. Its like a little holiday for your tasebuds and a nice change from the regular menu options. I’d really recommend getting the Thai-licious bunless burger (which is only around £4) with one of the smoothies! The decor is calming and very unique with lots of big tables that mean you interact with the other diners so its much more sociable.

Cape Town cocktail bar, copper garden
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hidden food spots in cape town, copper garden

Orphanage Cocktail Emporium, Bree Street
Think of a quirky little London bar that all of the trendy kids go to and thats pretty much Orphanage. It was an orphanage back in the day and they’ve added creepy decor to suit. Its unique menu features cocktails with names like The Crematorium, Child Snatcher and Swim & Tonic (gin and tonic that comes in a ziplock bag). We had a few cocktails here just as it opened so the place was chilled so we could enjoy our drinks and nibbles in peace – if you go here, you need to try the Nachos, they’re heavenly.

orphanage Cape Town, copper garden travel foodie

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