March 8, 2017

10 Fears & Thoughts Before Travelling/Backpacking.

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Now that I’m safely on my travels I wanted to keep you guys updated with regular travel content. You know how I love my personal posts so heres a little fears and thoughts that I had before my first long-term travel.  I know I’ve barely been travelling for five minutes but this is more about before I left and being the huge worrier that I am, theres way more fears than anything.. ever the worrier!

1. Do I have enough money?

This is my most repeated sentence to Adrian, poor thing. I know we have enough money but I always worry about how long it will last and try to come up with ways to add to our funds. We actually have a saving account with high interest at the moment for the extra push too!

2. What if my money runs out?

Again, my main worry. How long will the money last? What happens when it runs out? Coming back to the UK isn’t an option for me which is why I worry constantly. As a freelancer/full time blogger, even being in one place is daunting because no money is regular like a salary.. but going travelling is a big risk and after two weeks I am already stressing about the minimal emails and collaborations even though I know I’ll be fine!

3. We don’t have enough of a plan.

Our flight is one way out of the country but at the time of writing this, we only have one plan which is to road trip around South Africa. After this we will hopefully be heading to sail around the Med but plans could change and who knows where we will be.

4. The acceptable amount of stuff to cram into my suitcase.

Remember that I am packing my entire life so the clothes that are coming are the only clothes that I’m keeping. I’ve tried to sell most of my life on depop and anything that didn’t sell is either with a charity shop or a very small amount in storage at my Grandmas. It definitely took a lot for me to be so ruthless!

5. Is my suitcase too big?

I mean, as a girl I am so guilty of overpacking but the size of your suitcase when you travel is more of an issue. I worried about how easily it would fit into hostels and how heavy it would be to carry round the various countries. Oh – and whether it would exceed airport weight limits because paying more than once isn’t fun. 

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6. Think of the incredible pictures I can get.
Yep, genuine thought of mine before leaving. If you’ve seen my Pinterest then you’ll notice most of the boards are summery and travel inspired out of my pure excitement. I can’t wait for my blog content to become incredible with the new landscapes to shoot against. I mean obviously my personal photography isn’t great but the backgrounds definitely help.

7. I wonder if we will make friends for life..

So many travellers that I follow on Instagram meet friends around the world and continue to meet up as they cross paths in new countries. This is one of the big things that I’m excited about because I think there is so much that you can learn from other people.

8. Where will I shower.. and shave!?

Girls, those legs need shaving and hair needs washing so being such a home bird, I’ve thought a lot about this road trip and how often showers would come (hopefully much sooner than I imagine they will)..

9. Can I actually stick to a budget?

I’m so bad at saving money. Like, insanely bad. We’ve agreed loosely on a budget but obviously each country varies with how much you’ll need. For example, South Africa is cheaper than the UK but Australia is expensive so we’d need a little bit more.

10. I wonder if I’ll get homesick?

I haven’t lived with parents for around 5 years now so I don’t really get homesick. The idea of being in another country is daunting though, it isn’t like I can just call them up for a chat. My mum and step dad are actually planning to meet us in some part of Europe to temporarily join our adventure though as they’re off on a long term trip of their own! 

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What I’m Wearing
Glasses // Kylie Minogue for Specsavers
Cardigan // New Look
Vest // Calvin Klein Jeans
Ripped Knee Jeans // River Island
Suede Sandals // Primark
£4 pair of sandals I hear you say? Why yes, these faux suede beauties are under a fiver in Primark and I’m so gutted that I didn’t get more. They had denim and leopard print pairs which caught my eye but I settled on the grey as they go with much more. If you watch my vlogs, you will know its been raining a bit here in South Africa so I did a matchy matchy and teamed the sandals with my grey cardigan over all black including the softest vest from Calvin Klein and my amazing new ripped jeans from River Island (still black and high waisted but with a little something.. I know, creature of habit).
Little known fact: I wear glasses for concentrating and these were kindly gifted to me by Specsavers and the clear frames are amaaaazing. I love how simple they are! The Kylie Minogue collection is really stylish and I’m already eyeing up a couple of the other frames for ‘back up’ just incase these go missing.
Images taken by Adrian Stanley on Canon 7D mark ii with 50mm lens.
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