March 1, 2017

Warm & Glad, Johannesburg.

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If you come to South Africa from the UK or America, you’ll quickly realise the lack of wifi and expense of phone data which leads to the endless search for coffee shops with fast, reliable connections. Trust me, its something you will laugh at but quickly realise is something you desperately need – especially if you’re a blogger, vlogger or freelancer (#firstworldproblems). After days of trying to upload the first weekly vlog, a google search for ‘coffee shops with good wifi for freelancers’ lead us to Warm & Glad – a seemingly hidden gem in Sandton.

The coffee shop reminded me of something you’d find in Shoreditch, very hipster interiors with the welcoming scent of coffee. It was like a slice of home and provided the perfect space for an afternoon of uploading and relaxing. Unfortunately they don’t offer free wifi themselves any more but you can connect to the Community Centre above for a free hour or use your phone hotspot.

Coffee cost around R22 which is around £1.30 with other drinks at a similar price including beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks. Obviously I chose coffee but its good to know the options are there! I was also pleasantly surprised that they offer almond milk as most places in South Africa seem to be a challenge when you’re lactose intolerant. The menu consisted of salads and lighter options at around R60 or less (approx £4-6) and despite not having any ourselves, they looked delicious! 
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